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Pinned  Crerar Hotels

May 04 2016 09:19 AM | Scottish Slimmers Team in Be Inspired

Crerar Hotels specialise in leisure destination style breaks such as spa breaks, walking weekends away and midweek breaks with dinner deals in the UK. As a member of Scottish Slimmers you can claim 20% off your leisure breaks and hotel stays at any Crerar Hotel. Read on to find out how.

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Pinned  Scottish Slimmers Venison Product Range

Sep 09 2015 08:00 AM | Scottish Slimmers Team in Check This Out

Scottish Slimmers and Highland Game have come together to deliver a brand new Check friendly venison product range which is available as from the 12th of September across ASDA stores! Check them out along with a few tasty venison recipes!

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Pinned  Stuck in a slimming rut?

May 11 2015 08:00 AM | Scottish Slimmers Team in Weighty Matters

Are you struggling to shift those last few pesky lbs? Perhaps you feel as if you have hit a slimming shaped wall and there is nothing you can do to get over it? Well Scottish Slimmers have some slimming rut solutions to help pull you from the slump and get you slimming again!

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Pinned  Everyday Exercise

Apr 29 2015 09:00 AM | Scottish Slimmers Team in Get Moving

Has your weight loss came to a sudden and shocking stop? Have you been advised to take up exercise but cringe at the thought of lycra or going to the gym? Don't worry this doesn't have to spell disaster for your Eating Plans, Scottish Slimmers have the solution to kick start your losses, no matter your fitness levels, flexibility or skill set and we are going to help make fitness fun for you!

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Pinned  Weight Loss Try for 10%

Apr 02 2015 02:00 AM | Scottish Slimmers Team in Weighty Matters

Are you feeling down about how far from your Target Weight you are? Well you may be happy to know that just by shedding 10% of your body weight that you have already been making significant changes to your overall health and wellbeing!

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Pinned  Stay slim forever!

Jun 22 2013 08:18 PM | Super Hostess in Target Talk

You're at Target - fantastic! But what now? Scottish Slimmers' Lifetime Membership offers you everything you need to stay slim - forever!

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Pinned  PEP for Teens

Jun 06 2014 10:01 AM | Super Hostess in About Us

Life can be tough enough for teenagers - with school, exams, relationships and the future to think about!


Feeling heavier than their friends and missing out on shopping trips or wearing the latest fashion can seem like the end of the world.


Now, Scottish Slimmers is here to help because at Scottish Slimmers teens attend FREE

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Pinned  Can't get to a class? Try Scottish Slimmers...

Aug 09 2013 01:39 PM | Super Hostess in Losing weight with us

If you can't get to a class, our fabulous Online service has everything you need to follow the Scottish Slimmers PEP at home, including an online Daily Checker to record what you eat - and so much more!

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Pinned  Success steps - know your reasons!

Dec 13 2013 03:02 PM | Your Hostess in Be Inspired


Each of us wants to lose weight for a reason. Maybe we want or need to improve our health. Maybe we're fed up feeling self-conscious and letting life pass us by. Maybe we simply want to look fabulous! Knowing and remembering what YOUR reason is can really help you succeed...

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Pinned  Scottish Slimmers Food

Jun 22 2013 10:44 PM | Super Hostess in Scottish Slimmers Food

If you want to make healthy choices when you shop and get great value for the Checks you use, buy food that carries the name you trust Scottish Slimmers.

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