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Pinned  Scottish Slimmers Class Fees

Dec 21 2016 09:00 AM | Your Hostess in Fees & Offers

Read all about our class fees right here.

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Pinned  What to expect at your first Flexiclass

Dec 21 2016 09:00 AM | Scottish Slimmers Team in About Scottish Slimmers

Our new Flexiclasses are designed with you in mind. Find out what you can expect from your first Flexiclass as a new or rejoining member.

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Pinned  What is Flexislim?

Dec 21 2016 09:00 AM | Scottish Slimmers Team in About Scottish Slimmers

Reconnect with real food with Flexislim.
Eating what you love, when you love it how you love it is what Scottish Slimmers Flexislim is all about. Whether you are cooking for a family, living with a partner or on your own our food plans help you eat great-tasting, healthy meals easily.

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Pinned  About Scottish Slimmers

Jun 25 2013 03:17 PM | Super Hostess in About Scottish Slimmers

A little bit of history about Scottish Slimmers

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Pinned  PEP for Teens

Jun 06 2014 10:01 AM | Super Hostess in About Us

Life can be tough enough for teenagers - with school, exams, relationships and the future to think about!


Feeling heavier than their friends and missing out on shopping trips or wearing the latest fashion can seem like the end of the world.


Now, Scottish Slimmers is here to help because at Scottish Slimmers teens attend FREE

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Pinned  Can't get to a class? Try Scottish Slimmers...

Aug 09 2013 01:39 PM | Super Hostess in Losing weight with us

If you can't get to a class, our fabulous Online service has everything you need to follow the Scottish Slimmers PEP at home, including an online Daily Checker to record what you eat - and so much more!

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Pinned  Scottish Slimmers Classes

Jun 24 2013 01:02 PM | Super Hostess in Losing weight with us

The weekly support you need to get the results you want!

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Flexislim Q & A

Jan 19 2017 10:21 AM | Scottish Slimmers Team in About Scottish Slimmers

You've asked and we have listened, below you'll find a list of questions and answers about our Flexislim classes, our Feelgood Food Plan, our Classic Checks Plan and our app and online service.

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Scottish Slimmers Online!

Jun 23 2013 09:26 PM | Super Hostess in Fees & Offers

Join the Scottish Slimmers' Online service now and get fabulous online support.

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Scottish Slimmers App

Jul 06 2015 08:04 AM | Scottish Slimmers Team in Losing weight with us

Download our app today and unlock a whole host of brand new weight loss tools!

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