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Consultation on Diet and Obesity Strategy

Responding to the publication of the Scottish Government's consultation on a new strategy for diet, activity and health weight, Alexandra Howie, Service Delivery Director of Scottish Slimmers said:

"We welcome the proposals announced by the Scottish Government and look forward to engaging with the consultation."
"Legislation has already been brought forward to address Scotland's damaging relationship with alcohol and tobacco and we believe that obesity and poor nutrition is the next great public health challenge facing Scotland."
"At Scottish Slimmers we work each and every day to support our members to make positive diet and nutrition choices and we welcome any action that will support and educate the public about how they too can make these positive choices, utilising vital information such as calorie labels and portion sizes."

"We’re also working with food manufacturers and making good progress in creating quality nutritious products which give consumers greater choice about their food allowing them to make the right choices most of the time."

"We never want to remove the fun from food and that’s why offering different options is important.  However alongside our choices about food we should strengthen, where possible, restrictions on advertising for food and drink high in fat, salt and sugar especially in relation to children."
"Whilst a good diet and positive nutritional choices are important, effective weight loss can also be achieved in conjunction with regular exercise and we will support proposals for any opportunities which encourage people to be more active."