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Flexislim Q & A

Commonly asked questions about Scottish Slimmers Flexislim answered right here.

Flexislim Classes

Q; Is the new plan called Flexislim?

A; No, our overall approach is called Flexislim; we have two plans available to in class members, the Feelgood Food Plan and the Classic Checks Plan.

Q; Do I have to use the new Feelgood plan?

A; No, you are able to choose between following the new Feelgood Food Plan or our Classic Checks Plan, you can even swap between them if you like!

Q; Once I have been weighed in class do I have to stay for the chat?

A; You don't. You can choose to stick around for the extra boost of motivation or to ask you Class Manager questions at the end or you can leave after being weighed.

Q; Where can I find details of my nearest class?

A; Simply follow this link and type in your area or postcode to find your nearest class.

For more information on what to expect at your very first Flexiclass follow this link right here.

Feelgood Food Plan

Q; If I don't use all of my Flexichecks can I carry them over to the following week?

A; Each week begins with a brand new slate and Flexichecks are not carried over.

Q; Why are wholemeal and whole wheat varieties Good Carbs and not white?

A; Wholemeal and whole wheat varieties keep you fuller for longer, typically contain less sugar and offer a slower release of energy.

Q; Is the plan suitable for vegetarians?

A; Yes, you can simply omit the regular meat products for Quorn varieties or a mix of beans, pulses and vegetables in some recipes.

Q; I am gluten free, can I follow the plan?

A; The plan can be tailored for your specific requirements, opting for gluten free whole wheat and whole meal ranges when required however be sure to speak to your doctor before undertaking any dietary changes.

Q; If the plan isn't for me, can I swap to the Classic Checks?

A; Yes you can, you have the freedom to choose what works best for you, you can swap between the plans on a week by week basis or choose your favourite and stick with it.

To find out more about our Feelgood Food Plan follow this link right here.

Classic Checks Plan

Q; Why do I have 10 less Checks per day than I did previously?

A; We have taken these to account for our new weekly Flexichecks which you can spend on anything you like throughout the week (80 for women, 120 for men) You can spend these however you like, 10 additional per day if you desire, spread out through the week for treats here and there, or maybe a big night out at the weekend.

Q; Is there a new list of No Check foods?

A; No your Everyday Bonus Foods and No Check foods are still the same as they always have been to ensure you are still receiving all of the nutrition your body needs daily.

Q; What do I do with my unused Flexichecks?

A; Don't carry any unused Checks to the next week. You will begin each week with a new weekly Flexicheck allowance.

Q; How do I keep track of what I'm eating using the app?

A; In the same way you always have, however you're now free to dip into a pot of Flexichecks (80 for women, 120 for men) to spend on anything you like, and of course you can now track your exercise and earn up to 20 additional Flexichecks a week.

To find out more about our Classic Checks Plan follow this link right here.

Scottish Slimmers App

Q; Why have I got 10 less Checks per day than I had previously?

A; 10 of your Daily Checks have been taken out and put into a pot of weekly Flexichecks (80 for women, 120 for men). You can spend these Checks however you like, little by little throughout the week so you're eating the same as you were before, on a big slap up weekend meal or for daily treats the choice is yours.

Q; Can I revert back to the old version of the app?

A; Unfortunately once your smart phone or tablet has updated there is no way to revert back to the old version, however you can still use the app in much the same way as you used to simply use 10 Checks per day from your weekly Flexichecks allowance on a daily basis and youll have the same daily Check allowance as you had before the update.

Q; Which plan is the app based on?

A; The app and online service is built around our Classic Checks Plan.

Q; Are my No Check foods and Everyday Bonus foods the same?

A; Yes, these have not changed in the update; we still want to make sure you're receiving all of the daily nutrition you should be when following our plan.

Q; Is there a new list of no Check foods for the app?

A; No, your no Check foods are the same on the Classic Checks Plan as they always have been.

Q; When will the Feelgood Food Plan be available on the app?

A; At the moment members following the Feelgood Food plan can use the app to count their weekly Flexichecks and keep on top of their Chexercise if they choose, you can also keep track of Feelgood Foods by selecting zero grams on foods you know can be eaten freely. However, the Feelgood Food plan itself is not available as part of this service yet.

We are currently working with our app developers to deliver a function to enable members to track Feelgood Foods and Good Carbs and we hope to have more news on this shortly.

Q; How can I change my weigh in day on the app?

A; If you are having any technical difficulties or having trouble changing your weigh in day please call our dedicated helpline on 0115 969 4665.

You can download our app from the App and Google Play store on both IOS and Android devices.

To find out more about our app follow this link right here.

Scottish Slimmers Online Service

Q; What plan does the online service use?

A; The online service works on our Classic Checks Plan.

Q; Does the update mean that there is a new list of No Check foods?

A; No, your No Check foods are the same as they were before the update and have not changed.

Q; Do I still get my Everyday Bonus Foods?

A; Yes this has also remained untouched since the update, we want to ensure you're receiving all of the nutrition to function as best as you can.

Q; What if I don't want to log my exercise for the week?

A; You don't have to. Our plan offers maximum flexibility and you can follow it any way you choose.

Q; What if I don't use all of my Daily or Weekly Check allowance, do I carry these over?

A; You should start each day with a fresh start so you don't carry anything over on a weekly or daily basis.

Q; Will the Feelgood Plan be available to online members?

A; At the moment our online service only supports the Classic Checks system however the Feelgood Plan class bundle will be available for purchase on our webstore in the coming months. When this goes live we will update you via our forum, website and Facebook pages.

We have also started working with the Scottish Slimmers Online team to develop an online database of Feelgood Foods which will mean members can choose between following the Classic Checks Plan or our Feelgood Plan, we hope to have a bit more news on this too shortly.

Q; How much is the online service?

A; You can sign up to our online service for free, a 3 month membership is £29.99 and a 6 month membership is £49.99.

To find out more about our online service visit www.scottishslimmersonline.com

How to contact us;

Class and general enquiries

If you have general enquiries about our Flexiclasses or our plans you can contact our general enquiries line on; 0800 36 26 36 (Monday Friday 9am 5pm) or email us at enquiries@scottishslimmers.com

Scottish Slimmers Online

If you have questions about our app and online service you can contact our dedicated online team on; 0115 969 4665 (Monday Friday 9am 5.30pm) or you can contact the team by email at help@scottishslimmersonline.com

Scottish Slimmers Facebook

You can also reach us on Facebook by following this link right here.