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Frequently Asked Questions

Feelgood Food Plan

If I don't use all of my Flexichecks, can I carry them over to the following week?
No, each week begins with a brand new weekly allowance and unused Flexichecks are not carried over.
Why are wholemeal and whole wheat varieties Good Carbs and not white?
Wholemeal and whole wheat varieties keep you fuller for longer, typically contain less sugar and offer a slower release of energy.
Is the plan suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, you can simply omit the meat products and substitute vegetarian options, e.g. vegetarian cheese, Quorn varieties or a mix of beans, pulses and vegetables in some recipes.
I am gluten free, can I follow the plan?
The plan can be tailored to your specific requirements, opting for gluten free equivalents on the Good Carb lists when required however be sure to speak to your doctor before undertaking any dietary changes.
Can I swap between Classic Checks and the Feelgood plan?
Yes you can, you have the freedom to choose which plan works best for you. You can swap between the plans on a week by week basis or choose your favourite and stick with it. You can also use our app to help you keep a check on your Checks. 
Click here to find out more about our Feelgood Food Plan.

Classic Checks Plan

Is there a list of No Check foods?
There is a list of No check foods and everyday bonus foods in the Classic Checks plan, pages 10 - 13. Your Everyday Bonus Foods and No Check foods should be included in your daily menu to ensure you are following a healthy eating plan and receiving all of the nutrition your body needs daily.
What do I do with my unused Flexichecks?
Don't carry any unused Checks to the next week. You will begin each week with a new weekly Flexicheck allowance.
To find out more about our Classic Checks Plan, click here.

Scottish Slimmers Online and App
Which plan is the app based on?
The app and online service is built around our Classic Checks Plan. The diary, or Daily Checker online and in the app counts your daily Checks. It also automatically subtracts any Checks used over that number from your weekly Flexichecks allowance.

When will the Feelgood Food Plan be available on the app?
As there is very little counting in the Feel Good Plan, the App isn’t compatible. There’s no need to count and measure Feel Good foods so you don’t need to add these to your Daily Checker – that’s the main advantage of the Feelgood Plan! You can relax and enjoy these foods without the tracking of every single item that passes the lips. To count these would defeat the purpose of the no need to count foods.
How can I change my weigh in day on the app?

It’s simple! Tap on the menu button at the top right hand corner of the Checker screen, then select ‘change my start of week day’  - and select the day of your choice.
To find out more about our app follow this link right here.
What if I don't want to log my exercise for the week?
You don't have to. Our plan offers maximum flexibility and you can follow it any way you choose.
What if I don't use all of my Daily or Weekly Check allowance, do I carry these over?
You should start each day with a fresh start so you don't carry anything over on a weekly or daily basis.
How much is the online service?
You can sign up to our online service for free, a 3 month membership is £29.99 and a 6 month membership is £49.99.
To find out more about our online service visit www.scottishslimmersonline.com

How to contact us:

Class and general enquiries
If you have general enquiries about our classes or our eating plans, you can contact our general enquiries team on: 0800 36 26 36 (Monday Friday 9am - 5pm) or email us at enquiries@scottishslimmers.com
Scottish Slimmers Online
If you have questions about our app and online service, you can contact our dedicated online team on: 0115 969 4665 (Monday Friday 9am - 5.30pm) or by email at help@scottishslimmersonline.com
You can also reach us on social media at the following links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook...immersOfficial/
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