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Our Eating Plans

At Scottish Slimmers, it isn't just about numbers on the scales: how you feel and your wellbeing are just as important. Our eating plans are designed to help you make small, simple changes to your lifestyle and give you a chance to reconnect with real food and feel great about losing weight.
The power is in your hands: you have the freedom to choose exactly how you lose with Scottish Slimmers with our flexible Feelgood Food Plan or using our tried-and-tested Classic Checks Plan.
Classic Checks Plan
On the Classic Checks plan, every food and drink has a Check value. Simply count what you eat and drink, stick within your Check allowance and celebrate a  victory on the scales!
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Feelgood Food Plan
Not a fan of counting? Then our Feelgood Food plan is for you! Stick to the healthy, filling foods from the Feelgood lists and you'll be a slimmer you in no time!
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