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What To Expect At Your First Flexiclass

Our new Flexiclasses are designed with you in mind. All new members have the opportunity to sample their first Flexiclass for free with no obligation to join at the end.
When you first arrive you will be greeted by your Membership Manager. Let them know that this is your first Flexiclass and they will show you to our new members area where they will ask you to fill in one of our joining forms. There, you can chat to fellow new members, read up on what Flexislim is all about and have a preview of our Eating Plans and meal ideas books.
Following the weekly chat, your Membership Manager will sit with you and explain just what FlexiSlim is all about, our approach to weight loss and well-being, and chat about your goals and what you'd like to gain from our FlexiSlim plans and classes.
If you decide Flexislim is for you, your Membership Manager will help set a realistic weight loss target and you'll leave with your brand new Scottish Slimmers Flexislim pack. This includes our Feelgood Food Plan, our Classic Checks Plan and our Meal Ideas booklet packed full of great recipes and ideas on cooking for a family, with a partner or for yourself, our plans cater to all and are designed with flexibility in mind.
If you are unable to stay for the full duration of your first class, your Membership Manager will sign you up so that you can still get started right away. Everything you need to know is in the plans and you can find more information about the plan online, or you can chat to one of our friendly advisors on our official Scottish Slimmers Facebook page.

You can read more about our Feelgood Food plan right HERE and more about our Classic Checks System right HERE.
Click here to find your local class or call us on 0800 36 26 36 for more information on joining.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with all things Scottish Slimmers!

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