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Scottish Slimmers Classes

The weekly support you need to get the results you want!


Attending a weekly class ensures that you get the motivation to keep you going, no matter how your week has gone! An expert to guide you and fellow members of the group as extra support is sure to have a positive effect on your weight. The class will surround you with success happening every week and help you stay in a positive state of mind.
Your first fantastic week!
At your first class, your Class Manager will give a short presentation about weight loss and our Eating Plan which will inspire and motivate you she will even show you real food and examples of one of our delicious recipes.


As a New Member, you can sample a class before you decide whether it suits you. New Members will have a special session after the Class Manager has weighed the other members, she will go through our Eating Plan - the PEP Complete - (you can read all about the PEP Complete here on the website). As a New Member, youll be weighed and your measurements will be taken - and then together with your Class Manager you can decide a Target Weight. You will be given a Membership Card, so that you can keep a record of all those positive results. Bring it with you every week. Read through the plan in your own time so that you feel sure of everything. Remember your Class Manager is there to answer any questions you may have. By the following week, if you have followed the plan, the Scottish Slimmers Positive Eating Plan will work for you! Your new slim future will have begun!


Each week, you will have a confidential weigh-in and your Class Manager will guide you towards losing weight safely, healthily and consistently. At Scottish Slimmers we aim to help you to enjoy a truly positive eating experience, as well as great weight loss success.
Our Class Managers they can really help!
Your Class Manager cares because she knows you care. Our Class Managers are highly-trained and experienced in weight loss management they really do know what it is like. Make sure you attend the whole class whenever you can, as you will learn something new which will help you in the week ahead. Remember your Class Manager is there to answer any questions you may have.
The Eating Plan
The Scottish Slimmers PEP Complete eating plan is a sensible, low-fat, low-calorie programme which ensures you get your 5-a-day and other nutrients that your body needs every day. Combined with delicious, easy recipes PEP Complete is a proven and popular weight loss plan.
Realistic Expectations
Losing weight takes time the average fat loss is about 1½ - 2 lb per week (although many people do get a much bigger loss than this in their first week, consisting of fat and fluid). You can lose around half a stone in a month and we recommend that you think of your weight loss in 7 lb stages, rather than focus on the whole amount you would like to lose. We can guarantee that at each and every stage, you will be feeling better and better and better!
Attend Every Week!
Please do try and get along to class every week as we know there is a link between attendance at the class and good weight losses. If you cant always manage to stay for the whole class then you can come along to the WEIGH & GO session which begins approximately 30 minutes after the class and lasts for 15 minutes. For more information about WEIGH & GO sessions, click here
How much it costs
See our class fee page for details - click here


To check out whether there are any joining offers available at the moment, click here
We cannot accept children as members under the age of 16 years old without consent of a parent or guardian.


Children can accompany you to class but we recommend that you take them to the WEIGH & GO sessions rather than a full class where the content can be inappropriate for young children and we try to minimise disruption for other members also. Please your judgement when deciding whether or not to bring your child but we totally appreciate sometimes you have no option!
Please be there on time
Make sure you don't miss out. We appreciate everyone is busy so we do start on time. Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes before the advertised start time.
START today!
You could be slimmer by next week!
Find your nearest Scottish Slimmers class here or call our Enquiries Team free on 0800 36-26-36 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).