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Scottish Slimmers Works

Cant make it to your local Scottish Slimmers class but need the inspiration of a weekly weigh-in? Why not attend a Scottish Slimmers class in your workplace? We can bring a class to you or let you and your colleagues sign up Online for support!





As many as 18 million working days are lost due to weight-related health problems every year in the U.K. So, as companies become more and more interested in health promotion in the workplace, a Scottish Slimmers Works class can help to improve the health and happiness of employees and employers!

We all know the benefits of weight loss to our health and wellbeing, not to mention the boost to our confidence while we're at work or at home. But finding the time to attend your local Scottish Slimmers class isn't always easy with today's hectic lifestyles, which is why attending a Scottish Slimmers Works class in your workplace could be the answer!

Our friendly in-company classes are becoming increasingly popular as peoples lives get busier and busier. We all know that losing weight with a friend makes it easier and more fun, so why not get together with a few colleagues and make it a healthier year for your office?


How does it work?

Scottish Slimmers Works classes are super convenient. Trained Class Managers take the Scottish Slimmers class experience right into the workplace, usually on a weekday and at a time which is convenient for the company and attending members - a lunchtime or a time to suit a shift pattern or simply at the end of a working day.
  • Classes can be WEIGH & GO or full classes, lasting around 45 minutes. Timings can be flexible so that everyone who is interested in attending can take part
  • Courses are six weeks long initially but can be extended or repeated on request, depending on the level of interest shown
  • The six week course costs just £30 and is paid by the members or, sometimes, by the employer in advance
  • NEW! You can now choose a 6-week Online membership option or add Online support while you attend your Scottish Slimmers Works class
After the course has finished, anyone who attends the Scottish Slimmers Works class becomes a full member of Scottish Slimmers and is free to transfer and continue to lose weight at any of the public classes.



To set up a Scottish Slimmers Works class in your workplace all you need to do is get in touch with us. We'll work with you to get the class started and one of our experienced Class Managers will come along and talk to you about the next steps. Please call Anne Robertson on (01224) 256104 or email her on anne.robertson@scottishslimmers.com. You can download a poster - to advertise the classes and establish how many people are interested in attending - to display in your workplace by clicking on the poster (right) or here.


As Scotland's leading weight loss organisation, Scottish Slimmers is ideally placed to come to your workplace, big or small, and set up one of our popular class courses. Discreet weigh-ins and a motivational talk can all take place during your lunch hour you can even bring your lunch with you if you like!

  • Scottish Slimmers Works classes run in six week blocks
  • Courses can be extended or repeated as required
  • Our Class Managers bring all the kit for the class apart from the room and chairs of course!
  • The six week course costs just £30
  • Everyone attending a Scottish Slimmers Works class receives the full PEP Made Easy and everything they need to lose weight
  • Scottish Slimmers Works courses require 20 participants
  • We can supply posters or leaflets or an email announcement to publicise the class within your workplace

Get in touch to find out more
Contact Anne Robertson on (01224) 256104 or send an email to her at anne.robertson@scottishslimmers.com.

In good company

Scottish Slimmers have been running in-company courses for over 15 years with thousands of members successfully slimming alongside their work colleagues. Because of the convenience and the extra motivation an in-company class brings, we've had some great success stories!

"I was told I was overweight during my medical when I joined the company. The classes have been great - I found Alison's talks really useful and being part of the group helped keep me stay focused on my goal."
Colin Grant, Aberdeen, lost 3 stone

"Just for the record your classes are great and I've really enjoyed them...this corporate membership with in-company classes is a great idea. I've certainly heard from several colleagues that they're already glad they signed up!"
Nicola Forrest, Glasgow, lost 8 pounds

"It's great having a class at work much easier than going out in the evening."
Allison Thomson, Aberdeen, lost 2 stone