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Shape up for summer

Shape up for summer with some of our Chexercise around the home tips, and you'll soon feel confident enough to strut your stuff on the beach....or down the local park!


  • A great energy burning activity is to get out into the sunshine and mow your lawn or do a spot of gardening. Pull up weeds, plant some flowers. Raking and  The choice is limitless.


  • Organise your drawers and wardrobes.  Take out the clothes that are too big for you now, bag them and send them to the charity shop.


  • If you have children, take them to the park or beach and join in the fun.  You can run around with them, play on the swings, build sandcastles.  Theres no end of fun things for you to do your kids will love it too!


  • Take your dog out for a walk.  Or borrow a dog from a friend if you dont have one.  Dogs will happily walk for hours!  Or take him/her to the park and throw a ball a great exercise for your arms. 


  • How about using the time to redecorate a room?  Redecorating involves lots of lifting and moving of furniture as well as sweeping and dusting and painting.


Anything that you do around the house can be turned into a Check burning activity. Just remember to put a little more effort into the things you do and get your heart pumping!

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