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Top 5 mistakes everyone makes in the gym

Mistakes you'll be making as a new gym goer;

  1. Believing more is more;
    You don't have to exercise for 2 hours at the gym ever day to get results. Your body needs some recovery time to heal. Aim for 30 minutes of moderate activity every day with a couple of higher intensity workouts thrown in there a week.
  2. Not warming up;
    To effectively urn fat your body needs to warm up. Get the blood pumping by walking and building up into a slow jog and working up slowly to a run.
  3. Groundhog workouts;
    As with food, you cant expect to do the same thing every day and get continuous results. Keep your body guessing and step up your intensity or change it up altogether.
  4. Too much too soon;
    It can be tempting to really go for it in your first few days of fitness, but all you're doing is tiring your body out and cause yourself an injury! Try 2 or 3 days of moderate exercise and build up from there.
  5. Doing activities you don't enjoy;
    Want to know the most common killer of motivation? Boredom! You'll never stick to something you're sick of in a matter of days, choose wisely.