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10 Quick Tips For Success

Whether you’re new to Scottish Slimmers or you’re an experienced Check counter, we’ve got you covered. Try our quick tips to help you make the most of your food plans and to get the best results on the scales:
Kickstart your day with lemon juice and hot water to fire up your metabolism, then choose a filling breakfast – including slow release wholegrains!
Stock your fridge with friendly snacks like fat free yoghurts, your favourite fruits and some low Check snacks for when you feel peckish.
Make a batch of Check free or Feelgood soup to enjoy any time you feel hungry. Have a bowl before lunch or dinner!
Eat smart. Whole grains give a steady supply of glucose to your brain, helping your concentration and focus! Pick up brown and wholegrain varieties where you can; they typically have less sugar and release energy slower than their white counterparts.
Drink plenty! Each day we lose about 2 litres of fluid that we need to replace to prevent dehydration. This means we should aim to drink at least 6-8 cups/glasses of fluid a day. Ideally, at least half should be plain water.
Use them or lose them! Flexichecks – Use your allowance of flexible Checks when you need to over 7 days. On Classic Checks you should use some during the week and some at weekends. On Feelgood, you don’t have to use them if you don’t need to!
Challenge yourself and exercise as and when you can! Take a brisk walk to the shops at lunchtime, get off the bus a stop earlier or leave the car at home at weekends!
Go skinny and light! In coffee shops, large milk shakes or full-fat coffee drinks with the ‘works’ can be higher in Checks than a meal!  Order the skinny or light versions and try to avoid cakes and pastries – even a ‘skinny’ muffin can be around 14 Checks.
Have a laugh. Laughing can boost your mood and give you an instant positivity lift!
Write about it. Keep a diary of how you’re getting on with your healthy eating endeavours. Write how you’re feeling, any obstacles you’ve faced and things you’ve enjoyed about the day.
For more healthy tips and inspiration, make sure you like the official Scottish Slimmers Facebook page.

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