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10 Reasons To Get On Your Bike

With the warmer weather on the approach, here at Scottish Slimmers we have been turning our attention to outdoor activities we can take part in to help us look and feel good in time for summer. Cycling is a great activity you can easily fit into your day-to-day life to help you get outside and enjoy the sunshine.
Here are 10 reasons we think you should get on your bike this month:
1. Low impact
Cycling typically causes less strain than other forms of activity and is perfect for beginners.
2. Good for your muscles
Cycling works out all your major muscle groups, which makes it a great cardio exercise!
3. Easy
Most people know how to ride a bike, and once you learn you don’t forget so you don't need to learn something new. You can get on your bike and go!
4. Great for improving strength and stamina
Cycling increases your fitness levels and stamina over time so it can kickstart your love of other exercises too.
5. It’s fun
You can go anywhere with your bike: up hills, down hills and all over town so it will feel like being a child again!
6. A great time saver
Cycling is a great way to beat the traffic, cut down your commute and replace sedentary sitting time with a healthy new activity.
7. Helps to decrease stress
Exercise has been proven to improve your mental health and cycling has the added benefit of taking place outdoors, which has also been shown to be beneficial to your overall wellness.
8. You control the pace
You set the pace you cycle at and there are no pressures from a fitness instructor to go faster or slow down. Whether you fancy a relaxing bike ride, or you want to push yourself further, you can choose!
9. Proven to improve posture
Due to the way in which you sit on a bike, the position can help improve your posture over time and help you avoid issues with back pain later in life.
10. Promotes healthy weight loss
Regular cycling and activity promotes healthy weight loss. 30 minutes of moderate cycling can earn you 10 Flexichecks a week!
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