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12 Steps To A Slimmer You This Xmas

Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves for the festive season! Between now and the big day you could drop a size. Follow these 12 ideas to keep you motivated over the weeks ahead!

1.Hang your party dress (or outfit) where you can see it to remind you of your objective.

2.Be the designated driver on nights out. Save your friends and your waistline at the same time.

3.Try out your New Years resolution now give it a trial run! Why wait?

4.Drink more water.†Drinking helps you feel full. As the weather turns colder you can make sure you get your daily liquid quota by drinking fruit teas. They count towards your target of a litre and a half per day!

5.Get real.†Losing one or two pounds a week is a realistic, healthy rate of weight loss. It took you weeks to gain now it will take the same time to lose! Have a little patience!

6.Write notes to yourself.†To help you stay on track, post notes to yourself on the fridge and the biscuit tin.

7.Go brown.† Chose wholegrain pasta, rice and bread wherever you can. It will fill you up and can really help you lose weight more quickly than the white varieties!

8.Try smart swaps.†Look for nutritious alternatives to sugary treats.† Frozen grapes instead of sweets. Choose popcorn instead of crisps.

9.Give yourself a break.†Nobody is perfect so expect to make mistakes along the way.

10.Get support!† Your own motivation lasts about 3 weeks then you need to get someone on side to help you along the way. Get someone to do it with you or join one of our classes!

11.Be active. Each week add 5 minutes of activity to your daily routine until you work up to the recommended 30 minutes per day. Your health deserves half an hour a day!

12.Eat 2 pieces of fruit every day. How you eat them is up to you, in a smoothie, baked as part of a dessert, for breakfast.

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