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5 Ways To Be The Best You

Losing weight is easy in theory, but in practice it can be not quite so simple. At Scottish Slimmers you can be the best you can be through making the best, healthy choices for you.
Getting the mental bit right and adopting a positive, can-do attitude can help you make all the right choices and stay on track all the way. Being the best you possible is about more than a weight on the scales. These life motivation ideas will give you a helping hand to get your head in the right place.
Reach for the stars

Why wait until tomorrow to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do. Be the best you can be now! Get into the driving seat of your life today and start feeling good about yourself. You can do it!
Need some ideas? Try these:

  • Write a book – if it’s an ambition, don’t wait!
  • Get a promotion at work or a new career. Find out what the first step would be!
  • Makeover your bedroom or kitchen or garden.
  • Plan a journey or a visit to family! You’ve been meaning to do it for ages.
  • Sign up to do a charity run. Start small and build up to it!
  • Learn something new – stretch yourself and see how flexible you can be!
Surround yourself with support

Doom and gloom can soon rub off so don’t let gloomy people sabotage your weight loss plan or anything else! Spend time with positive like-minded people and catch their enthusiasm! Come along to your local Scottish Slimmers class and get the support you need from the Membership Manager and fellow members.
Looking good

Making the most of your outward appearance can really give you a boost! Why wait until you lose weight to look fantastic, when you can flatter your figure as the pounds fall off?
Look good and feel good with these tips:
  • Buy a great pair of shoes and plan a special occasion to wear them
  • Make the best of your best feature!
  • Invest in shape wear to control lumps and create a smoother silhouette.
  • Ditch the black clothes at least sometimes. Be brighter for darker days!
Quick confidence boosters

If your confidence is flagging, look up some motivational quotes to give you inspiration. Put them where you can see them. Here's some to start you off:
  • Allocate yourself regular ‘me’ time, because you’re worth it!
  • Repeat to yourself that you deserve the best. You do of course!
  • Enjoy life! Remember it’s your inner qualities that make you the amazing person you are!
  • Keep at it! Don’t give up on yourself!
  • Smile! You will look and feel more confident and happier.
Focus on yourself for a change

Although you may be busy doing things for others, make time to devote to your well-being! Have a positive focus to keep you going:
  • Focus on the good things in your life and not the bad.
  • Focus on the things you have, not the things that you don’t have.
  • Focus on the ‘now’. Now is a great place to be living your life in a positive way and doing everything in your power to improve your way of thinking, eating, drinking and your fitness levels.
  • Make time for you and plan your action. It was Benjamin Franklin that said ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. Plan your weight loss by doing the proper preparation and by making good choices. It does wonders for your mood and motivation when you know that you are ‘on it’.
Join today to be the best you can be. Find your local Scottish Slimmers class here.