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60 Minute Makeover-Look slimmer instantly

Slimming down can be so easy to put on hold especially if you're having a particularly busy time at work, personally or perhaps you just have a lot of parties to go to! 
"I'll start again tomorrow" but what happens when you need to look your best today?
If you want o look slimmer instantly, her are our quick fix tips to look a stone lighter in 60 minutes or less!
Wardrobe Tips:
​- Say hello to shape wear. From waist clinchers to good old Spanx, they can be slimmer's best friend!
- Go for darker, bold prints to draw attention away from your waist 
- Elongate your body with a pair of heels but avoid ankle straps
- Make sure you're wearing the correct size of clothes. Baggy clothes might cover you up but they also accentuate your size and tight clothes can cause a sausage casing effect!
- Go for form flattering and figure hugging... a panel illusion dress suits best
- Avoid horizontal stripes. They will widen your hips and waist. 
​Makeup Tips:
- Bronze and blend underneath your cheekbones and highlight on top
- Shape your brows and draw attention from your cheeks
- Go for wavy, voluminous hair or an up do; straight hair widens the face
- Elongate your eyelid and open up your eyes with a perfected feline liner flick
​Accessory Tips:
​- Wear a long necklace to draw focus towards the slimmest part of your waist
- Wear long earrings to accentuate the length of your face 
- A wide belt across your waist can help pull in your waist and give you an hourglass figure