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A Fresh Start

After holidays, special occasions, or just general life getting in the way, it is time to get you started on some good food habits. These small changes will make it easier to eat better and feel better every day!
- Do the skimmed milk switch;
Go for a milk with less fat. For most people who use semi-skimmed milk, the next step is a milk with 1% fat or skimmed milk. Stick with it for at least 3 weeks and before you know it you will be converted and skimmed milk will be your regular choice. 
-Have an extra portion;
Are you eating enough vegetables? Despite increased media attention on eating 5 a day, Scotland's consumption is still low so stock up on cheap and convenient frozen vegetables and add an extra portion to each meal.
-Hold the salt;
We are eating less salt than we were 10 years ago, but we still eat over the recommended daily amount of 6g. Reduce your salt intake by not having it on the table. Start by missing it out when cooking vegetables and then stop adding it to rice and potatoes. Little by little, your taste will change. 
-Fruit juice for fruit;
A small glass of fruit juice counts as one of your 5-a-day but is not nearly as filling as a piece of fruit. Fruit juice also contains more Checks than fruit. Use your Everyday Bonus fruit allowance to add fruit to your breakfast- berries and banana on cereal. 
-Prepare by packing it;
It only takes a few minutes to put some salad, cold meat, tomatoes and dressing into a box. Pair with a low-fat yoghurt and some fruit and you have packed yourself a healthy, cheap lunch to take to work. 
-Limit the alcohol;
You can include alcohol on your menu while losing weight but it's recommended that you try to have some alcohol free days. Start with 2 days of no alcohol per week and build it up to 3 days after a month. You will feel better and start losing weight. 
-Down size;
From cups of coffee to sharing size chocolate bars, we are surrounded by big portions. Stick to the smallest portion available apart from portions of vegetables. You will notice a difference in your appetite and your weight. 
Try some of our recipes which will help you get back on track and achieve a healthier lifestyle.