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After Target - What Next?

FAQ about what comes after Target - answered!


I have reached Target what do I do now?

Firstly keep coming to class! Your Scottish Slimmers Class Manager will help you maintain that Target Weight that you have worked so hard to achieve!

Can I eat more now?

Whilst losing weight you were eating fewer calories each day than you used. Now that you want to stop losing and remain at a steady weight, you can afford to eat a little more - but not, of course, as much as when you were gaining weight!

To give your body a chance to re-adjust to eating more, youll need to take things slowly in order to get from your current level of eating to the amount at which you can comfortably maintain your new weight long term. Consider the next few weeks as the time for stabilising your new weight

Why cant I just stop counting Checks?

Whilst losing weight, your metabolism became accustomed to dealing with less food. Now that you have reached Target Weight, you will be able to eat more without gaining weight, provided you take things slowly.

As you may have lost a larger amount of weight in the first week of your weight loss, if you suddenly increase the amount you eat, you may see a reverse effect of this a sudden gain which can be disheartening at the scales!

By working with the experts at Scottish Slimmers, together we can stabilise your weight and create the best possible foundation for staying slim.

How many Checks can I eat?

Thats easy! Whatever you new weight is in kilograms that will be about the right number of Checks and the maximum number of fat grams you should aim for each day. Over the next few weeks you can gradually increase from your current (weight loss) level of Checks to this long term maintenance level. A little fine-tuning may be required until you find the exact amount thats right for you.

As men naturally have a higher proportion of calorie burning muscle than women, they can add at least 10 Checks to their weight in kilos.

In addition, everyone should continue to have their Every Day Bonus foods each day to ensure good health, just as in our Positive Eating Plan for weight loss.

Can I get support online?

If you become a Scottish Slimmers Lifetime Member you will receive free access to Scottish Slimmers' eSupport service for three months. Log on to scottishslimmers.com for full access to the fun and friendly forums, blogs and galleries!
  • Access recipes, weight maintenance tips from other members and motivational features to keep you focused on your target weight figure!
  • Read inspiring slimming success stories and browse delicious recipes
  • Shop online for Scottish Slimmers recipe books and other goodies
  • Find your nearest Scottish Slimmers class if you plan to check in
  • Join eSupport and receive exclusive, motivational newsletters and offers!
  • Be the first to hear the latest news about Scottish Slimmers products, events and services
  • Click here to find out more about eSupport

Can I still attend my Scottish Slimmers classes?

Absolutely - we'd love to see you! We will welcome you as a Target Member and can help you maintain your weight in the same way as we helped you lose weight! Come to class regularly for a few weeks after reaching Target Weight, and then come along as regularly as you


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