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Be Slimmer in Seconds

Here are some top tips on how to look a size smaller right now!


Instant lift
Baggy boobs make you look fatter - a well-fitted bra is the most essential item in any wardrobe.


Boost small boobs
If you arent so well endowed, a flatter front can draw the eye to a bulky bottom. Try the famous Wonderbra to give you a cleavage which will give you a more flattering outline.


Trim that tum
If you want to avoid a muffin top, follow the red carpet celebs and get yourself some magic knickers!


Say goodbye to saddlebags
Many people carry extra weight around their bottom, tummies and thighs. Underwear which redistributes the flesh around this area will give the appearance of you being a lot thinner than you actually are!


Get the right size
Squeezing into clothes that are too small will make you look bigger. Tight clothes can make you look like a sausage shifting fat to stick out in the wrong places!


Bin the big and baggy
There is no hiding behind baggy clothes loose fitting clothes accentuate your size. A fitted blouse and trousers will flatter your figure and make you appear slimmer.