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Be the best you can be!

Losing weight is easy in theory, but in practice it can be not quite so simple. Getting the mental bit right and adopting a positive, can-do attitude can help you make all the right choices and stay on track all the way. 
Being the best you is more than about a number on the scales. These life motivation ideas will give you a helping hand to get your head in the right place. 
- Reach for the stars:
Why wait until tomorrow to do all the things you've always wanted to do. Be the best you now! Get into the driving seat and move your life in the direction you want. 
Write a book- if its an ambition, don't wait!
Get a promotion at work or start a new career- Find out what the first step would be. 
Makeover your bedroom, kitchen or garden.
Sign up for a charity run. Start small and build up. 
- Looking good
Making the most of your outward appearance can really give you a boost! Flatter your figure as you lose weight, it will give you confidence and a boost!
Buy a great pair of shoes and plan a special occasion to wear them. 
Invest in shape wear to control current lumps and create a smoother silhouette.
Ditch the black clothes. Be brighter for darker days!
- Surround yourself with support.
Doom and gloom can soon rub off so don't let people sabotage your weight loss plan or anything else! Spend time with positive like-minded people. 
Join a walking or running group
Stay for a class chat and talk to other members 
Go on to social media and get advice from other members 
Spend time with someone who is a good influence on you!
Plan to get fitter or lighter with a partner or group of friends. 
- Quick confidence boosters
If your confidence is flagging, this list will help you gain a boost of confidence.
Allocate yourself regular 'me' time, because you're worth it!
Repeat to yourself that you deserve the best
Enjoy life! Remember it's your inner qualities that make you the amazing person you are!
Keep at it! Don't give up.. the reward will come with time. 
Smile! You will look and feel more confident and happier.