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Eat Out, Slim Down

Weekend brunch or friends for lunch? A romantic dinner for two or a special celebration? Welcome to healthy and happy eating out - Scottish Slimmers style.
Here at Scottish Slimmers, we've been talking about good food for decades and how eating well is the best thing you can do for your body and mind. Scottish supermarkets have been catching up for some time nad now the restaurant scene has got in on the act too. Everywhere you look, there's a new eatery popping up with delicious good-for-you food on the menu so let's celebrate these new healthy hang-outs.
The Straight Talking Menu
It used to be that chefs wanted to hide the true contents of your plate. Did they use an ounce or a packet of butter in that mashed potato? Now, so many kitchens work to strict guidelines to keep their dishes low in calories and high on health factor. Never be afraid to ask your waiter for what you want or don't want, or ask her for her advice on what would be the smartest healthy option.
Veggie Goodness
Scotland's foodie scene has embraced the trend for veggie goodness of late. Keep your eyes peeled for menus featuring the new healthy food kids on the block: celeriac, kale, beetroot and sweet potato. Choose the dish that makes the vegetables the star of the show rather than just a side-dish.
Ordering In
Even some take-away menus have grown up and include plenty of treats that won't add inches to your waistline or raise your cholesterol and online menus offer more nutritional information than ever before. You can place a healthier order with confidence. Smart swaps are still sensible: pick brown brice ather than white, steamed dishes rather than fried or go for a medium portion rather than a large portion. You don't need to go hungry - we promise!
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