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Fight the Fad

Have you ever fallen prey to a fad diet? A diet that promises you the body you have always wanted within a matter of weeks, days or even hours? If you have, then you're in good company as more than half of the nation has admitted to dabbling with various diets to no avail! 
So we are here to shed some light on the common culprits in the world of depravation diets to help you understand your body more and achieve the real weight losses you deserve. 
Juice Cleanse:
Whilst blending together a cocktail of fruits and vegetables and using the resulting liquids as meal replacement might seem like a smart and healthy idea, you are essentially living off calorific sugary fruit juice and missing out on vital food groups associated with successful weight loss and overall wellbeing. 
As much as we all wish it was as easy as taking a pill to see our fat drop off and a toned body appear, our bodies are far too complex for that. From T6 pills to Raspberry Ketones, these 'miracle pills' have swept the nation into a fad diet frenzy. Unfortunately for fad fans, there is still no scientific evidence to prove their effectiveness in weight loss! Recent years have shown that diet pills could contain dangerous substances that could cause serious illness and in some cases, death. So it is best to avoid diet pills. 
​One of the most recent trends is teatoxing. Brands offering various blends of tea which promise to 'detoxify and cleanse' your system for weight loss in as little as two weeks. The reality of these seemingly harmless teas is a blend of laxatives with colon cleansing ingredients. This means the weight you see come off the scales is most likely due to getting rid of excess waste opposed to fat. 
​Carb Cutting:
​No matter what the food group is, whether you avoid carbs like the plague or not, excess food or energy is still stored as fat. Carbs can help you feel fuller for longer... but be sure to stick to wholemeal and whole flour varieties. 
​Hardcore Exercising:
​As science, research and hardcore evidence shows, exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand. For effective weight loss and healthy life, it is imperative to undertake both. However, exercising past the point of exhaustion could be counterproductive to your weight loss. 
Keep your exercising level to a moderate intensity and ensure you are eating enough to provide you with energy to exercise.