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Holiday tips in a hurry

Try some of these super speedy weight loss tips if you're feeling the heat of leaving your holiday slimming a little late!


  1. Take a travel cup with you everywhere you go. Fill it before you go out every day and make sure you stay hydrated.
  2. Pack your lunch prior to leaving the house. Shopping and errands can be stressful and we're prone to grab and go. Be sure to take at least 10 minutes to sit down, relax and have a relaxed lunch.
  3. Remember to ask for what you want when you dine out, use buzz works like 'grilled', 'low-fat' and of course, 'no thanks' when it comes to creamy desserts.
  4. Don't skip meals. When you've got a particularly busy week, everything can be thrown off kilter, but try to keep your body feeling good and try to eat regularly throughout the day.
  5. Take the focus off food for a while. Plan your day's activities in advance and think about where you'll have opportunities to eat and exercise.
  6. Remember planning is the key to successful, steady weight losses on the scales. Dedicate a day to food prep. It will halp you stick to your plan!
  7. Be hard on yourself for one week. Think about how you'll be able to relax when you've hit target!
  8. Keep fruit in handy places. Make sure you carry a piece in your handbag, keep a stash at work and if you're prone to a fridge binge, keep some fruit cooling in the fridge.
  9. This is a strange one, but try brushing your teeth after your main meal in the evening. The minty freshness of your breath will make you feel less like snacking on sweets.
  10. Don't quench your thirst with Checks. Alcohol and full fat fizzy drinks are the worst so substitute sugar free drinks or fizzy water with ice and lemon! You'll thank yourself once you hit the scales!
  11. Get out for evening walks whenever you can. Go for a run or if the weather isn't great, visit your local pool. You'll feel more energised and so pleased with yourself that you made the effort. We promise!
  12. Exercise a bit of tough love. Hang those jeans you wish would fit you somewhere you can see them every day, even if that means hanging them in the kitchen!
  13. Fill a water pitcher of delicious fruits and veg like strawberries and cucumbers and keep it somewhere you can see it. You'll get your glasses of water in in no time!
  14. Avoid things that cause bloating, such as beans, fizzy drinks and artificially sweetened foods in the week leading up to a holiday and you'll be beach ready before you know it.

  15. What better way to tone up and lose weight than to join your local bootcamp classes?  Exercise outdoors and let someone put you through your pace during these fun, interactive workouts.

  16. Though summer is undoubtedly what you've been working towards and you're aware you may put on a few lbs, set yourself a realistic limit for example I will not gain more than 5lbs through this summer,

  17. Whether its walking a new way to work, asking for a skinny latte at your local coffee shop or trading in a sugary snack for something more wholesome summer is a great time to make small changes that'll lead to something far greater.

  18. Be BBQ smart, go bunless, opt for a grilled chicken burger or just load up on salad, remember there is always a smarter, healthier choice to be made no matter where you go.

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