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How To Have An Awesome Autumn

Autumn can be a great time to lose weight. With school holidays behind us , the children back at school and a good couple of months before the festive season, now is the time to make progress towards getting into that slinky outfit you promised yourself you'd be able to do for the office party!

1. Don't sit and worry about what you've eaten over the summer!
That's all in the past! Put your energy into planning your meals and your new wardrobe.

2. The summer feeling doesn't have to end overnight.
Go for a walk in the evening after work. The exercise is great and it'll keep you feeling positive.

3. Start to stock up on delicious warming winter foods.
Make some delicious soup to keep you warm throughout the Autumn/Winter!

4. Think ahead and anticipate any birthdays, nights out or even Halloween.
Be prepared for any event that involves food or drink. Plan ahead and save some Checks so that you can have a few treats!

5. Dance around the house and dance the winter blues away.
Pick your favourite songs - 2 or 3 tracks every day and dance!

6. Why not create some of your favourite meals from your holiday!
Choose foods that'll make you feel fuller. Mix tastes and textures and try wholewheat pasta and rice!

7. Make sure you get enough sleep.
Tiredness is often a trigger for snacking or over-eating!

8. Join an exercise class and have some indoor fun!
Exercise classes are fun and friendly and before you know it you've exercised for an hour - and there's a smile on your face.

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