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Make Memories This Mother's Day

A Get-Fit Gift
Its super easy to make up your own gift box or hamper full of fitness goodies an exercise DVD, a water bottle, some trendy trainers, socks and a great tee shirt. What about a gym pass or a pedometer or fitness monitor? If you both want to lose some weight and get healthier, why not join my class together?
A Day Out Together
Plan a day together doing something shed love - a day of shopping or a visit to a spa, or get your photos done together. Go for a long walk and take a picnic lunch to enjoy the sunshine and if you take her out to eat, make sure its somewhere that has lots of healthy options on the menu. Check it out before you book.
A Good Nights Sleep
For any busy mum, a night of peaceful sleep is priceless. Some calming lavender bath products, or a candle or a pair of luxury pyjamas can all make a night seem more restful.
A Home-Made Meal
Give your mum a day off from the kitchen while you slave over a hot stove preparing a healthy dinner for everyone. Try one of the Scottish Slimmers healthy recipes and dont forget dessert. Breakfast in bed is always a winner. Try a smoked salmon and egg scramble with a thin bagel or some French toast with strawberries on the side!
Say It with Flowers
Skip the chocolate and show you care with her favourite blooms or a plant for the garden that will remind her of you for a long time to come. Its more important to let her know youre thinking about her, so make time to tell her what she means to you. Itll make her day!
Homemade Afternoon Tea
Make this Mothers Day even more special by treating your mum to a delicious homemade afternoon tea with Scottish Slimmers. Try our scrumptious recipes and get baking! 
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