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Making meal prep part of your routine.

Preparing your meals in advance is advantageous both in saving time and losing weight! 
By preparing your meals for the week ahead, you are less likely to consume snacks and high calorie foods when you are in a rush or hungry. If you have a tasty salad or wrap sitting in the fridge, it is just as easy to grab that as it is to grab a bar of chocolate. 
We have devised some great ways to make meal prep easy. You can also get the kids involved which helps teach them essential cooking skills and helps them to develop healthy habits. 
To begin, decide as a family, what meals you are going to eat for the week and compose a shopping list. This will help you stick to your healthy eating regime whilst out shopping and reduce your temptation to buy unhealthy products. 
These staple ingredients can be a good start : 

  • Veggies for snacks, salads, and sides
  • Brown rice can be made in advance and put in the freezer 
  • Oats, flatbread
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Fresh fruit for a quick go to snack 
  • Chicken, turkey
  • Yogurt, milk
  • Eggs, cheese
  • Hummus for dipping vegetable sticks in 
  • Popcorn, nuts
​Examples of meal prep:
Buy a box of chicken breasts, cut them up, season and roast in the oven. This can then serve as part of salads or wraps for lunches or used in dinner dishes such as fajitas, pasta, or alongside veggies.
Next, making a large batch of roasted vegetables is an easy way to incorporate more vegetables into meals. If you have roasted vegetables in the fridge, add them to pasta dishes or into a wrap with feta cheese. 
When it comes to snacks, it is easy to grab a packet of crisps to keep you going until dinner time. However, these crisps are nutritionally empty and will not keep your hunger at bay for long. A great alternative is plain popcorn which has a high fibre content which helps promote good digestion, keeping you fuller for longer. 
An extra tip is to always have washed, cut up or whole fruit or vegetables in the fridge. When looking for a snack, why not try some cut up carrots and hummus or a bowl of raspberries and yoghurt.
Also, if you make a large batch of pasta sauce or curry sauces, you can put it in Tupperware boxes and freeze it for a later date. So when you get home late from work and need to make a quick dinner, you can defrost it and add to pasta for a quick meal. 
On top of that, if time is what you are looking to save, whilst the chicken is in the oven or the vegetables are roasting, why not using the time to hoover the carpets, tidy up the kids toys or make the beds. This will save you time later in the day and you will have tasty meals waiting for the you.
Hopefully these handy tips will save you time and calories, helping make your daily routine that little bit easier!