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Sleep more, lose more

You will have heard the age-old nugget of weight loss wisdom, ‘eat less, move more’ but sometimes losing weight, becoming fitter and healthier isn’t that simple.
You can eat healthy, nutritious meals, include weekly activity in your plan and even find time to schedule in some self-care, but some weeks, despite your best efforts the scales don’t reflect your efforts.
It can be frustrating when you don’t receive the losses you were expecting, but did you know that it can come down to something as simple as not getting enough sleep?
At Scottish Slimmers, we understand the importance of sleep in living a fit and healthy life. Here are a few reasons you should prioritize sleep and why sleeping more, can mean losing more in the long run:
Sleep is your body’s recovery time; Time sleeping is time your body spends recovering from your activities of the day, not getting enough sleep means your body is always in catch up mode.
Lack of sleep can increase your appetite; When you are tired your body releases a stress related hormone called cortisol, which increases your appetite. In times of tiredness you are more likely to choose something quick and easy that will give you an instant boost.
Quality sleep can reduce your stress levels; Sleep deprivation can affect your memory, your judgement and your mood, making sure you are sleeping enough can help improve all of these and lower your blood pressure in the process. 
More sleep means more energy; So, you can do more things!
Sleeping less can slow your weight loss; If your body does not get adequate time to recover from the day then everything slows. Your metabolism and ability to burn calories and fat slows and can come to a halt, which is exactly why you may not be getting the losses you deserve.
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