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Slimming Tips You've Never Heard Before

1. Hit the wardrobe on weight day! 
Granted the first week those skinny jeans may not make it past your knees- but make it a weekly ritual to try on those buried skinny jeans or party dress before or after weighing in. Take progress pictures along the way as a great reminder of how far you have come. 
​2. Party for one!
Party trays are meant for picking at- make yourself a mini one, full of your favourite healthy snacks, and keep it in the fridge in case of snack emergencies. Fill it with vegetable batons and low fat hummus, your favourite fruits, roasted spicy chickpeas and throw in a couple of nuts for balance. It'll stop you raiding the biscuit tin and keep you on track!
​3. Live lazy!
​Sometimes you simply can't be bothered- and that's okay- but don't let it ruin your slimming efforts by calling for a takeaway. Keep your fridge and freezer stocked with 'lazy cheat foods' such as frozen vegetables, pre grated cheese and ready cooked chicken. Things that are healthy yet take minutes to throw together, heated up in a pan and served. Easy!
​4. Catch some sleep!
​Yes, sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger but we can also mistake fatigue for feeling famished. If you've had a particularly tiring week, it can mean indulging a bit more and eating more than we know we should. Next time you reach for the sweets in a bleary eyed state, catch a power nap and see how feel after. 
​5. Grow your own!
​Reaping the rewards can make efforts we make to change our lifestyles that much sweeter- and this has never been more true than when we grow our own slimmings aids. We're talking herbs or even growing your own vegetables! You'll be far more likely to include them in more dishes!