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Stay slim forever!

You're at Target - fantastic! But what now? Scottish Slimmers' Lifetime Membership offers you everything you need to stay slim - forever!

When you joined Scottish Slimmers, you may not have believed that this day would come but we did, and here you are, a brand, new Target Member! We bet you feel fantastic and proud of what you've achieved. Well done!
Reaching your Target means so much more than fitting into a smaller size of clothes and looking different. You're probably feeling more confident and more energetic than you did before you lost weight - what a feeling! Being at Target also means that you're now at a healthy weight for your height, which means that, even though you may not be aware of it, you've really helped to reduce the risk of developing some serious health conditions. Great stuff!

We're sure you want to hold on to that great Target feeling and figure for life so, here's the Plan

  • Come and see us at class to make sure you get your Scottish Slimmers Class Managers support and expert advice as you settle into your new way of eating. They helped you get to Target and now they'll help you stay there!
  • Target Members are weighed in at the beginning of class, and you can then choose to either stay for the whole class or Weigh and Go. Attend class at a reduced special fee as a TARGET MEMBER, as long as you stay within 7lb of your Target Weight


Support for Life!

Why not become a LIFETIME MEMBER? As well as a LIFETIME of support, as a LIFETIME MEMBER, you will receive:

Lifetime LIFESTYLE Book packed full of stay-slim advice, meal ideas and recipes especially devised for you.
Lifetime Membership Card - you never have to join or rejoin a Scottish Slimmers class again and you can attend your weekly class FREE. If you ever did slip over your 7lb allowance (above Target Weight), as a Lifetime Member you have special privileges and you would only pay the weekly class fee again until you are back within seven pounds of your agreed Target Weight. You don't have to get right back down to your Target Weight.

Lifetime member discounts
This booklet includes coupons which allow you a discount on the purchase price of our selection of recipe books.
FREE 3 months' E-support on the Scottish Slimmers website
Log on for full access to the fun and friendly forums, blogs and galleries for three months. You can access recipes, weight maintenance tips from other Lifetime members and motivational features to keep you focused on your target weight figure!

Guarantee your weight loss by becoming a LIFETIME MEMBER today! Ask your Class Manager for details.


We look forward to welcoming you at class as an inspirational example of what can be achieved with Scottish Slimmers!


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