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Stay slim secrets

The tricks that help to keep you at Target

Shop savvy

Check food labels to help you make healthier choices and resist buying bargain unhealthy foods! You are what you eat and you eat what you buy!

Make time for breakfast

A healthy breakfast will kick-start your metabolism and stops you turning to high sugar snacks for an energy boost!

Cook like a slim person - methods matter

Steam, grill or bake as an alternative to frying. Use an oil spray when cooking and add low-fat dressing or water if food sticks in the pan. A good non-stick pan helps!

Makeover your meals

Everyone has favourite recipes and meals that they make regularly. But are your favourite recipes and meals PEP friendly? Maybe it's time to give your recipes a makeover! Use Scottish Slimmers recipe books and use healthier cooking methods and enjoy fresh, raw vegetables or salad on the side.

Stock up to stay slim!

If your time and budget are overstretched, there's no need to turn to a takeaway. Use everyday ingredients you're likely to have lurking in your cupboards: chickpeas, dried pasta, couscous, canned beans, stock cubes and dried herbs and spices to create delicious soups or casseroles!

Keep your portions in Check

Keep measuring your portions until you're sure you know what a portion or a tablespoon looks like. Stay sensible - a slice of pizza rather than a whole pizza or a small packet of low-fat crisps rather than a share-size bag!

Sip Souper Soup

Include some homemade vegetable-based soups in your weekly menus. Its' a healthy way to get vegetables into your diet and satisfy hunger in a low-Check way!


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