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Target for Life!

Think slim, stay slim - here's how! Now that you have reached Target, you should be able to enjoy your new shape and live life!

Go Easy

If you are attending a Scottish Slimmers class, your Class Manager will help and give you guidance on how to adjust your Positive Eating Plans daily Checks allowance. Generally, you can add a few little extras, such as bigger portions of potatoes, bread, pasta, to your meals or follow your weight loss plan accurately from Monday to Friday and eat freely at weekends.

Be Happy

Remind yourself regularly of what youve achieved so you dont become complacent about being slim, or feel dissatisfied with your figure as it is now comparing yourself to unrealistic images in the media, for example. Keep your most-hated before picture in your wallet, or somewhere youll see it regularly so you dont forget how you used to feel before you lost weight and how far you have come.

Feel Free

Now is the time to cut yourself some slack and learn to be more relaxed about your eating and develop your confidence in your ability to balance out good days with not-so-good days. Dont be hard on yourself if you overindulge just compensate with some healthier choices on the days that follow. Dont deny yourself the things you love, just enjoy in moderation.

Eat Right

Continue to eat and cook in a low-fat way and fill your plate with healthy foods while watching your portion sizes of unhealthier choices. Ensuring you eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is essential for your health and will help you to maintain your Target Weight figure.

Stay Active

Not only does exercise burn calories and increase metabolism-boosting muscle; it also boosts self-esteem and beats stress. Aim for 30 minutes a day and youll see and feel the benefits!

Weigh to Go

Keep an eye on your weight, but dont become obsessed with minor fluctuations week in and week out. Your danger weight should be set at around seven pounds over your Target Weight and if you hit that, thats the time to start looking at how youre eating and cutting back if necessary. Use the Target Weight member weighing support options its free to weigh if youre a Lifetime Member - at your Scottish Slimmers class. Weighing once a month is usually adequate to monitor things once your weight has stabilised.

Enjoy Yourself

Youve worked so hard to get there, make sure you enjoy being the weight you want to be and make the most of all the benefits it brings!


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