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Team Up To Slim Down

Couples up and down the country are considering their partners to be their slimming secret weapons. Yes it's true, couples who slim together tend to reap the benefits far more than those who choose to slim solo! So persuade your partner to help you with your Scottish Slimmers target and you could see some of these benefits:
You have your own live-in motivator
Feeling a bit down and about to reach for the biscuit tin? Well those days are long gone now. You're both going through it together so, you can pick each other up when you're feeling down and you can motivate and inspire one another to never give up!
You can tag one another in for cooking
Feeling tired after a long day? No need to rush towards a ready meal. Cook for each other. Just remember to keep it fair and take it in turns!
You'll want to look good for your partner
As your partner's weight begins to drop you'll want to look just as good for them as they do for you.
You will become closer as a couple
You'll be adding to the list of things you have in common and it will feel more like a new fun hobby... trying out new recipes together, joining in with fitness and doing the weekly shop.
You won't feel left out
You won't have to deal with your partner going off to their slimming class alone and trying out fabulous, healthy recipes without you while you're sitting at home eating out of boredom. You're part of the journey now.
Your social life gets a boost
You'll both feel more confident and willing to go out more.
You can get fitter together
Go for walks or join a gym. Do something together rather than sitting slumped in front of the TV.
You can get all the support and motivation you need in one of our friendly class. Find your local Scottish Slimmers class now!