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Top 5 tips to feel good while you lose

Feelgood and lose? Only with Scottish Slimmers!


Don't take on too much:  Don't change everything at once, otherwise you could get overwhelmed and something will have to give! Start with the easiest things, like drinking more water and eating real food and then add on more changes from there.


Food is not the enemy: There is no good and bad food (this of course doesn't include people who have allergies) and you don't have to cut things out of your menu and never eat the things you enjoy again. Getting healthy and losing weight is about creating a healthy relationship with food.


Eat real food: Try to make sure that the majority of what you eat is made up of real, natural food and not things that are made in a factory or come in a box or packet. Your body will thank you for it.


Build a support network: Do you have friends or family members that want to get healthy too? Ask them to join a class with you and host a healthy eating get together, where everyone brings a healthy dish. Having like-minded people around you will make sticking with it that little bit easier.


Exercise doesn't have to be a chore: if you really, really hate running or going to a gym don't force yourself to do it. Not everyone is a runner and not everyone enjoys it. Find an activity that you enjoy and you will want to keep doing it. Dancing is normally a good place to start, as it is fun.

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