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Weight Loss Try for 10%


You don't have to get all the way to Target to start reaping the benefits of weight loss!


Most of us have an ideal weight in mind or may even have set a Target Weight but at times it can feel like a long way off.  So if you have been feeling a little bogged down recently with the amount of weight you still have to lose, perhaps you've been stuck on the same weight  for a while and you have lost your motivation then we have some good news for you.


When you begin your weight loss journey the amount of weight you might have to lose in order to reach your Target Weight can be overwhelming and can sometimes leave you feeling depleted, but what if we told you that just by simply shedding 5 - 10% of your current weight could be helping you reap a whole host of health benefits? Here are just some of the things that you can be improving just by shedding 5 - 10% of your current weight:


Lower cholesterol; by losing weight you'll be taking some of the pressure off of your heart, lowering cholesterol levels in the body and reducing your overall risk of heart disease.


Less inflammation of joints; you'll also be taking the strain off of your joins and legs and therefore everyday tasks such as walking will be made easier.


Less stress; as you're taking the pressure off of your heart you'll also be lowering your blood pressure dramatically and you'll notice a huge difference in your stress levels, particularly if you have suffered from high bloog pressure in the past.


More sleep; breathing will be much easier for you and you are therefore less likely to suffer from sleep disorders such as excessive snoring or sleep apnea.


Increased energy levels; as well as the obvious physical appearance you will be able to take part in more life activities too such as playing with your children, getting outdoors and seeing friends as you'll have so uch more energy.


Remember, it is common to lose a higher than average amount of weight when you start following the plan but over time this will slow down to a safe and steady healthy rate of loss but when this happens don't be disheartened this is completely normal. Following the PEP should give you an average weekly loss however it may not always be reguar and even. It is more likely you will have weeks when you stay the same and weeks when you lose a little more.


Keep in mind that a loss of just one pound a week adds up to almost 4 stones lost in a year!


A lack of motivation can hit at any time in your weight loss journey but you can rest well with the knowledge that every small change you're making is contributing towards your health and new life in a huge way. Check out this chart to see where you will be aiming for those mini losses and start working towards your first milestone in weight loss today!




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