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Your Slimming Schedule

Think about it - when the kids go back to school they get a new uniform, new stationery and new books all ready for a day of learning. No need to feel left out! Here's your very own weekly slimming schedule to get you back on track and back to being the best you can be.
Week 1 - Summer Cupboard Clear Out
Now summer is almost behind us, it's time for a clear out! Bin those biscuits, get rid of those chocolates and replace them with healthier alternatives!

Week 2 - Get Out Your Planners
Plan, prepare and schedule special dates far in advance. Birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, nights out, even trips to the cinema, can contain all sorts of minefields you may not be prepared for. Pop in notes for yourself, tips and tricks you've learned in class and you'll keep yourself on track!

Week 3 - Fit in Your Fitness
You know what they say, start as you mean to go on, and the sooner you jump on the fitness wagon the better. It only takes a month to make a habit so dedicate your very first month to finding your fitness stride. Running, walking, jogging, swimming or even Zumba - find yours and run with it!

Week 4 - The Golden Rule
Come rain or shine, good week or bad week, gain or loss, always come to class! A friendly welcome awaits and it will give you the support you need to meet your weight loss targets. 
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