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5 top tips to motivate you to get walking

We can all relate to coming home after work and cooking dinner and then just vegging out in front of the telly watching soaps all night. But what is 30 minutes in your day - a cuppa, an episode of Corrie that's nothing at all.
Let's get outside in the fresh air and earn our Chexercise, improve our fitness and health at the same time.
5 top tips to motivate you to get walking:
1. Walking will give you energy. It will wake you up, helping you to feel alive and happy


2. Invest in a fitness tracker band it will encourage you get moving, track your progress and set yourself challenges
3. Get yourself a walking buddy you can gossip while you walk


4. Plug your headphones in and put on some great tunes or listen to an audio book walking doesn't need to boring  relax and have a good time


5. It's a great time to chill and clear your head after a stressful day at work