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Scotland Has Lost Its Way With Food

Scotland as a nation has lost its way in appreciating the benefits of good food, and we have largely forgotten how to prepare and present food to sustain healthy lives longer. This has led to a whole generation of people accustomed to eating on the move or eating lunch at their desks activities which are extremely detrimental to both their physical and mental wellbeing.  More needs to be done to educate people, particularly young people, about what constitutes good nutrition and how to achieve it.
These are some of the key recommendations from Scottish Slimmers, a national organisation which delivers group support for people who want to lose weight and improve their wellbeing, in its response today to the Scottish Government's consultation on A Healthier Future - Action and Ambitions on Diet, Activity and Healthy Weight.
Scottish Slimmers is closely aligned to the objectives of Scottish Government in its struggle against the growing numbers of obese children and adults. With two-thirds of people either overweight or obese according to the recent Scottish Health Survey, Scottish Slimmers believes the governments consultation proposals go some way toward improving the nations relationship with food, which if not tackled now, will continue to have a negative impact upon public health for generations to come.
Scottish Slimmers believes, as an overriding priority, Scotland needs leadership to embed nutritional health in our culture and to forge ahead with a new programme of food education for young people, which does not seek to demonise certain foods nor pass judgement on the food choices people make.  Instead, it believes in developing a system which better informs people as to the consequences that making poor food and nutritional choices too often can have on their health is more desirable. 
In addition to education, Scottish Slimmers response contains a range of other recommendations.  These include encouraging promotion of healthy foods rather than unhealthy foods and better labelling of food particularly those served in take-aways and restaurants.
Alexandra Howie, service delivery director at Scottish Slimmers, states:
"Under no circumstances do we want to take the fun out of food and we appreciate that from time to time individuals wish to indulge.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with such an approach as long as the public know that prolonged exposure to a poor diet will lead to serious health complications. Whats needed now more than ever is better provision across Scotland of non-judgemental support and advice to help people improve what they eat and how they exercise.
We believe that better food and nutrition education, which does not demonise certain foods nor pass judgements on the choices people make, will lead to wide reaching benefits for families across Scotland."

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