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Chexercise explained

Earn checks for exercise on Flexislim!

Following one of our plans and being active is the best combination to achieving the best results and improving your health and well being.

Chexercise means you can earn yourself up to 20 extra Flexichecks by doing some exercise. In both our Feelgood Food Plan and the Classic Checks System there is guidance on how much exercise earns you set amounts of Flexichecks.

So if you earn 20 Checks through exercise that means you'll have 100 Flexichecks to spend however you choose if you're a woman and 140 if you're a man.

Chexercise Q&A

How much exercise is recommended?

It is recommended that adults aim for 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity on at least five days of the week that's 2 Ĺ hours a week. You can get your 30 minutes any way you choose, all at once in the morning, afternoon or evening, in 10 15 minute chunks through the day, or if you're feeling really energetic you could do 76 minutes (1 ľ hours) of vigorous exercise per week its up to you.

Does age matter?

In a word yes. If you are 65 or over include muscle strengthening exercises that work all major muscle groups. If you are 18 or under you need to do a bit more 60 minutes per day is recommended.

What sort of exercise can be counted?

Everyday activities such as shopping, cooking and housework don't count! The effort you put into these activities isn't usually hard enough to raise your heart rate. Have a look at our handy table below to find out just what sort of activities can earn you Checks.

How can I tell if I'm doing a moderate intensity activity?

You'll get warmer, breathe harder, your heart will beat faster and you'll likely break a sweat. (Brisk walking, cycling and dancing can be classed as moderate intensity activities depending on your pace)

What is classed as a vigorous activity?

You'll get warmer, breathe much harder, and your heart will beat rapidly. (Swimming fast, football and uphill hiking can be classed as vigorous activities)

Remember to stay safe
If it has been a long time since you have done anything active, or if you have a medical condition or injury, check with your doctor before starting any sort of exercise plan.

If you'd like to hear more about our Chexercise system pop along to your local class and chat to your Class Manager or get in touch by calling 0800 36 26 36.

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