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Classic Checks plan

Read more about Classic Checks System here

Seasoned Scottish Slimmers will already be familiar with our traditional Classic Check System. The great news is that this system is still very much in place with a couple of upgrades we know you'll love!

The value of a Check hasn't changed, it is still 25 calories per Check, however your daily allowance of Checks may have changed, so be sure to confirm this with your plan and Class Manager as you begin your weight loss journey .

In addition to your daily Check allowance you also have a weekly allowance of 80 FlexiChecks if you're a woman and 120 if you're a man to spend any way you choose. Whether that's a big slap up meal with the family at the weekend, a small treat a day or even a takeaway through the week, you can spend them any way you like!

You still have your Bonus Foods and your No Check foods too when following the Classic Checks system. This means you're still getting that all important daily nutrition while losing weight at a healthy, steady pace.

Our Classic Checks System means you can choose from thousands of foods, create your own meals and eat the food you love with total flexibility, leaving you feeling satisfied inside and out.

Chexercise another new feature is that you can earn up to 20 additional weekly Flexichecks to your allowance by exercising which you can find out more about HERE!

Download our Scottish Slimmers App for a FREE 7 day trial of our Classic Checks System (available on Android and IOS), just search for Scottish Slimmers on Google Play or in the app store!

If you need more information on our Classic Checks plan pop along to your local class and chat to your Class Manager or feel free to get in touch by calling 0800 36 26 36.

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