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Feelgood Food plan

Read more about our Feelgood Food Plan here.

Our brand new Feelgood Food Plan means you can eat food from our no need to count Feelgood food lists freely. You can eat food from this list whenever you want to and as much as you like within reason. For example you can eat more chicken on this plan, but don't eat a whole one all at once!

There's no need to weigh or measure, just judge what you need so that you're not hungry.

  • Choose 3 items every day from our Good Carb lists, these are filling low GI foods. Choose whole grain or whole-wheat varieties and include a teaspoon of healthy oil or low fat butter every day.
  • If you want to enjoy food or drinks that are not included on the Feelgood Food lists, they need to be Check-counted. But wait there's more!

You have an allowance of 80 FlexiChecks a week if you're a woman and 120 if you're a man, to spend on anything you like! Your Flexichecks is a weekly allowance of flexible Checks that you can use over 7 days are designed to fit your life and open up a world of social slimming!

You cant get more flexible than that now can you?

The Feelgood Food Plan is designed to encourage you to eat more positively and to make you feel good, inside and out! You can eat as much as you like of many healthy, filling foods like fresh vegetables, fruit, lean low fat meats and dairy, pulses and fish, all of it without any weighing or counting!

  • Choose your Feelgood Food
  • Choose your 3 Good Carbs
  • Count Checks for everything else!

If you need more information on our Feelgood Food Plan pop along to your local class and chat to your Class Manager or feel free to get in touch by calling 0800 36 26 36.

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