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Scottish Slimmers Salad Dressings

Liven up your salads with Scottish Slimmers' fantastic fat-free, no-Check Salad Dressings!

Scottish Slimmers' great tasting Salad Dressings will pep up any salad.... and because they're No-Check you can use them as freely as you like! All the full-bodied taste you're after, but without the calories, there are three flavour-packed varieties to choose from:



  • Honey & Mustard



  • Chargrilled Tomato & Red Pepper



  • Mango & Ginger


  • NEW! Garlic & Herb (available exclusively in Aldi from April)


Available in ...

You can find Scottish Slimmers Salad Dressings in Aldi, Asda and some local stores across Scotland.

Make the most of your Scottish Slimmers Salad Dressings!

Scottish Slimmers Salad Dressings can do more than just liven up your lettuce! Try these winning serving suggestions from Scottish Slimmers members...
  • I love spicy and Indian food therefore, when following the Positive Eating Plan, I buy a plain chicken tikka starter, place this in a pitta bread, add loads of salad and then lashings of Hot Chargrilled Tomato & Red Pepper Dressing as an alternative to chilli sauce. Absolutely perfect!
    Yvonne Batchelor
  • I like to add any of the dressings to some cooked pasta along with either fruit i.e. mango, pineapple or a mixture of peppers and green vegetables. So quick to prepare when you come in from work!
    Helen Brown
  • I chop up tomato, cucumber and onion and scatter on some lettuce and drizzle the Hot Chargrilled Tomato & Red Pepper Dressing on. A nice spicy no-Check lunch or excellent as a side salad, too.
    Ruth Gardner
  • I mix the Mango & Ginger Dressing with cooked chicken, chopped spring onion, chopped peppers and mango to make a delicious sandwich or baked potato filling.
    Janette Hair


Sizzlingly Sensational

And two of our favourite serving suggestions ... try drizzling some Scottish Slimmers Mango & Ginger Dressing on some fresh fruit salad for a real taste sensation.... your taste buds will thank you!

From fruity to savoury - Scottish Slimmers Hot Chargrilled Tomato & Red Pepper Salad Dressing works perfectly as a No-Check salsa substitue. Ideal for adding ZING to your fajitas try it today!

Made in Scotland for Scottish Slimmers by Paterson Arran Ltd.

For more information on their products, visit the Paterson Arran website

Scottish Slimmers Salad Dressings are available in: Aldi, Asda and local stores across Scotland.

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