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15 (fun) ways to burn 100 calories

Fit these activities into your week and you could burn 1500 calories without a piece of lycra or a gym in sight!


1. Kissing for 10 mins twice a day

Pucker up and you can burn around two to five calories a minute just by kissing. Embark on an hour-long session of passion, and you would burn at least 120 calories and your partner would, too! A 10 minute make-out session with your partner each morning and each evening could burn up to 100 calories a day and give you that loved-up feeling all day. All that lip action amounts to 36,500 calories a year, or just over 10 pounds worth of weight loss.

2. Standing on your head

Turning your world upside down can help you burn calories. And while its not as easy as you might think, it doesnt require a gym membership or going outside. Yoga teacher Cindy Thomson claims that many yoga positions can help you lose weight; If you learn to stand on your head, this position works to burn off calories by regulating your metabolic rate. Also, if you did a couple of Salute to the Sun workouts in a row, you would burn 100 calories, especially if you were to jump in between positions like in Ashtanga yoga and Iyenga yoga.

3. Supermarket shopping for 20 mins

Now we dont mean meandering around at leisure, picking up this, pondering over that. A recent supermarket survey revealed that shoppers could lose 245 calories in a 20-minute sprint around the aisles. You dont have to shop like youre on Supermarket Sweep but a brisk filling of your trolley in less than 15 minutes should do the trick. Just dont reward all that hard shopping with a visit to the sweetie counter! Taking a list with you will help you stay focused during your dash down the aisles, and should mean youre less likely to be tempted by special offers on items you shouldnt really be buying! If youre only buying a few things, carry them in a basket rather than pushing them around in a trolley great for your arms! A supermarket dash could win you a weight loss!

4. Standing for 70 mins

Can you really burn calories by just standing? Well, yes, you can. Quite reassuring for those of you who dont want to exercise but, there is a down side you have to stand for one hour and 10 minutes to burn off 100 calories. This one is only worth it if you have indulged in one chocolate bar too many and youre prepared to stand for that length of time. It might seem easy, but if you try it, youll soon find you get sore legs, back and shoulders. Although we stand all the time, most of us will sit down for a rest after around 15 minutes.

5. Sex as often as you like!

Now heres the good news for all the lovers out there. Give your love life a boost and you could burn hundreds of calories in a very pleasurable way! The average lovemaking session can burn between 50 and 100 calories. Having sex three times a week burns 7500 calories per year, which is the equivalent of jogging for 75 miles. The more spicy the sex, the more calories are burned! So as all the songs say, make love not war and burn those calories. Plus experts estimate that an orgasm can burn between 60-100 calories. Losing weight has never been so much fun and what more proof do we need that sex is far better for us than chocolate?

6. Walking for 15 mins

What could be simpler than walking for 15 minutes? If its raining, walk around a shopping mall youve no excuse for not giving this one a go and it's one of the easiest and safest methods of exercising. Aim to increase the amount of walking you do by at least one day a week. Youve got to get about, to work, to school, to university, to the shops; dont take the car. If your place of work or study is within walking distance, then youve no excuse. If its further than that, park the car/get off the bus earlier than usual and get moving. Fifteen minutes' brisk walking will burn at least 100 calories. Top tip: Go for a brisk walk and boost your calorie burn by bursting into a light jog for a few minutes.

7. Jogging for less than 10 mins

If brisk walking uses 100 calories in 15 minutes, you can expend even more calories by adding one or two minutes of jogging. If you did this twice a day, you would probably be burning at least 300 calories each day. So jogging for less than 10 minutes burns 100 calories. Think about it, what else can you do in 10 minutes? Watch the news. Water your plants. Make a cup of tea. Its next to not time at all; worth it, isnt it?

8. Cycling for 10 mins

This does involve going outside but only for 10 minutes. Dust off your bike and cycle round the block. Go out in the dark if you dont want anyone to see you. And if you have kids, its a great excuse to get everyone out together. Cycling not only strengthens your legs but your heart too. Give it a try for a week and youll not only use up 700 calories, youll feel energised after just 10 minutes of fresh air. Instead of slumping in front of the TV for the evening, youll feel more able to do those jobs youve been meaning to do for months. Get on your bike and, even better, take the kids with you. A 10 minute whizz (not all downhill, mind!) around the park will burn 100 calories.

9. Climbing stairs for 15 mins

Every step counts so forget the lift and the escalators climb those stairs! You may moan about the stairs in your work or up to your house, but climbing them for around 15 minutes every day, can tone up your bottom and legs, and burn 100 calories off at the same time. By using stairs as often as possible, your calorie consumption is greatly increased obviously the greater the effort, the more calories you burn. So stop looking for a lift or the escalator search out the stairs and tone up those leg muscles.

10. Dancing for 15 mins

You dont have to go to a class to enjoy dancing. You can enjoy a good old boogie in the comfort of own home. Close those blinds, whip out that hairbrush and start dancing about in your undies like Madonna and before you can trill 15 minutes, youve burned 100 calories. Nothing improves leg muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness and your mood more than dancing around to whatever music grabs you.

11. Eating and sleeping for an hour

The news weve all been waiting for eating burns calories! You can actually burn 85 calories in an hour by eating; that is as long as youre not tucking into a cream cake. If you chew a breakfast in the morning like crunchy muesli or cereal, then you are kick-starting your metabolic rate. Plus you burn calories quicker if you eat standing up. And if you sleep a little longer (that means going to bed earlier) you burn 55 calories every hour.

12. Housework for 20 mins

Youve heard of power lunching, power dressing and even power napping; but what about power cleaning? We all have to do it, so why not make it count? Power cleaning keeping proper postural alignment and moving quickly from chore to chore is a great way to raise your heart rate and tone your muscles. Remember to hold in your abdominal muscles while you are hoovering and slightly bend the legs. Power cleaning depending on intensity can burn 100 calories every 20 minutes.

13. Washing the car for 20 minutes

Forget the drive through car wash where you will probably sit, as the machine does all the work, and eat a chocolate bar you were tempted with when you bought the token get out a bucket and sponge! The washing and waxing action will work your upper body, your arms and shoulder muscles and the more effort you put in, the better the results for your bodywork as well as the cars! Theres lots of stretching and reaching, which is great for flexibility too. Twenty minutes and youre done. The cars gleaming and youre beaming because youve burned 100 calories.

14. Gardening for 25 mins

Gardening is blooming marvellous at burning calories! The season will determine the type of work you do but, whether its preparing your garden for the spring or keeping the lawn at bay, gardenings a brilliant way to get physical and you get to enjoy the benefits of the beautiful garden youve created too. Particularly good at working your abs and strengthening your arms, twenty-five minutes of continuous garden work and youve burned the magic number.

15. Working in the office for 40 mins

For 40 minutes office work, you will burn 100 calories. This, however, does not include having cappuccinos on the hour, every hour, of course! But if you think about it, getting up and down from your desk to talk things over with colleagues, climbing stairs, going to meetings, making deadlines, using the little grey cells all burn up calories. Dont send an email or pick up the phone if you can get up and walk over to the person you need to speak to instead. Your working relationships as well as your weight loss will benefit!


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