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Top 10 Stay Trim Tips!

Ten ways to stay the way you want to be - slim and at Target!


  1. Re-read your PEP to remind yourself of all the positive eating basics.
  2. Choose a variety of foods for good health and to combat eating boredom.
  3. Keep eating the Every Day Bonus foods - calcium, fruit etc...
  4. Eat 5 portions of vegetables or fruit every day and keep drinking water!
  5. Stay as active as you can be!
  6. Keep a regular check on your measurements.
  7. Keep busy! Do all the things you said you would do "when I'm slim"!
  8. Boost your morale. Wear clothes that flatter your new figure!
  9. Keep portion sizes and snacking under control avoid high-fat and high-sugar foods
  10. Relax and keep the whole thing in perspective! If you feel you are losing control go to class for encouragement and support


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