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Please check here for any changes to your class before you attend!
ANNAN Changing time to 6.45pm from Thurs 10th April - held in Bruce Restaurant, Gracie's Banking, High Street
DENNY  Tues 7.30pm held in Broompark Centre, Duke Street (15 April only)
DUNKELD  Thur 7.30pm class Birnam Hotel, Perth Road (new details as from 17th April)
EDINBURGH (MURRAYFIELD) Mon 5.30pm class not running on 14th April only
GLASGOW (BEARSDEN)  Mon 7.15pm class held in Bearsden Baptist Church, 14 Roman Road (14 April only)
IRVINE  Sat 9am-10am class held in Annfield Hotel, 6 Castle St (19 April only)
THURSO  Sat 10.30am class not running on 12th April only (Mon 5.30pm class running as normal)
WICK Tue 10am class not running on 6th April only (Tue 5.30pm class running as normal)
WISHAW  Sat 10am class not running on 19th April only
Check out our EASY-WEIGH DROP-IN sessions ... Drop in when it suits you!
ALLOA Alloa Elim Church, Greenside Street - Easy Weigh Drop-in: Thursday 8.30am-10am, full class at 10.30am followed by further Easy Weigh Drop-in from 11am-1pm 
DALKEITH  Masonic Hall, 129 High Street - Easy Weigh Drop-in: Thursday 8.45am-9.45am, full class at 10am 
DUNFERMLINE  Lady of Lourdes Church, 67 Aberdour Road - Drop In 8.15am-9.15am, full class at 9.45am
EDINBURGH/East End St Mary's Parish Church Centre, 1 Little King Street (Opposite John Lewis) Easy Weigh Drop-in: Wed 8.00am-1.15pm, full class at 12.30pm
FALKIRK St Francis Xavier's RC Church Hall, Hope St - Easy Weigh Drop-in: Thur 8.30am to 1.15pm, full classes at 10.30am & 12.15pm
LIVINGSTON Livingston Football Club, Almondvale Stadium - Easy Weigh Drop-in: Tuesday 8.15am-10am, full class at 10.30am followed by further Easy Weigh Drop-in to 1.15pm
MUSSELBURGH Brunton Hall, Ladywell Way - Easy Weigh Drop-in: Wednesday 8.30am-9.45am, full class at 10am - further Drop In 5pm-5.15pm with full class at 5.30pm

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