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3 stone 11lbs lighter!

My worst 'fat' moment was on a fun, family outing to the fair

Clare Wallace

Clare Wallace

Facts & Figures

Name Clare Wallace
From Stirling
Age 29
Profession Risk Analyst
Class Manager Gillian Duncan
Weight before 15 stone 4lbs
Weight now 11 stone 7 lbs
Dress size before 16 / 18
Dress size now 10/12
WEIGHT LOST 3 stone 11 lbs

A family outing last year was the final straw for young mum Clare Wallace from Stirling.

‘My partner Colin, my stepdaughter Chloe and our baby girl Emma were all away for the day to the Links Market in Kirkcaldy,’ says Clare. ‘We were having a great time until I tried to go on one of the fairground rides – and the barrier was too tight. I was mortified, it was definitely my worst ‘fat’ moment ever.

‘I have always been rather large, although when I fell pregnant in 2014 and had my daughter Emma in January 2015 I hadn’t put on too much weight but after the baby arrived I continued to wear maternity clothes and eat all the wrong things.’


By the end of summer 2015 Clare was feeling depressed with herself and decided it was time to time to take control.

‘I looked up online the various slimming classes in my area and decided that Scottish Slimmers sounded like the best one,’ says Clare, who is the first to admit she wasn’t one for a diet.


‘I have never been able to stick to a diet but as the weeks went by I could feel such a difference. I I was so surprised when I lost 5lbs in the first week and thrilled when I lost 11lbs in the first month.  What an incentive!


‘Scottish Slimmers eating plan doesn't really feel like a diet, it's just a new way of thinking about food.’


Clare has ditched all misconceptions about healthy eating and adopted a new attitude towards health and her body.  She’s also used her daughter’s future as motivation to keep losing and reach her ultimate goal.


‘I didn’t want to be the overweight mum, not able to run around after my daughter,’ says Clare, ‘and I didn’t want her growing up with the weight problems I have had.  I feel I can now pass on my new attitude towards healthy eating to her as she grows up, giving her the best chance at a healthy, happy life.’


With her 30th birthday (April 2016) also another incentive Clare is looking forward to a slim future.


‘I’m so glad I joined Scottish Slimmers.  I feel great and I have even decided to do a sponsored walk for charity in July (216), all the way to the top of Ben Nevis,’ says Clare.  ‘That’s something I would never have dreamed of doing before I lost weight.’


And Clare’s best ‘slim’ moment?

‘When a lady at work said to me - Clare, you’re skinny now!’