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2 stone 11lbs lighter!

I didn't want to be fat at forty

Dawn Thomson

Dawn Thomson

Facts & Figures

Name Dawn Thomson
From Reddingmuirhead, Stirlingshire
Age 40
Profession dental hygienist
Class manager Lyn Watson
Weight before 14st 5 ˝ lbs
Dress size before 16/18
Weight now 11st 8 ˝ lbs
Dress size now 12/14
2 stone 11lbs lighter
I didn't want to be fat at forty

With a significant birthday looming, Dawn Thomson decided she didn’t want to be fat at forty.

The busy working mum-of-two vowed to lose the extra weight she’d gained as a birthday present to herself.

‘After having my son in June 2014, the weight just seemed to creep on gradually until one day I was looking in the mirror and noticed how big my face was and that I could no longer see my collarbones,’ says Dawn.


She decided she was ready and able to give the time and commitment needed to lose weight and joined Scottish Slimmers.


‘I was turning 40 in January of this year and we were going on holiday to celebrate. I wanted to be slimmer and looking my best for my big birthday,’ adds Dawn.


By the time she was blowing out the candles on her cake in Tenerife, Dawn was well on her way to reaching her target weight.

‘I really noticed the difference when I was wearing a bikini on the beach. I felt fantastic.’


‘I’d been losing two or three pounds a week so the weight came off gradually. With the help of Scottish Slimmers I took on healthier eating habits. Before I didn’t take time during the day to eat properly and would eat large portions to fill up at teatime, and snack on crisps at night while watching TV.


‘I changed my eating habits and enjoy regular, healthy, balanced meals with my family.’


Now nearly three stone lighter, Dawn is bursting with energy and loves to go out cycling and walking with her two children, Jessica, eight, and Blake, two, and husband Alex.


‘My family are so proud of me. My daughter can’t believe the difference when she looks at old photographs of me. And my husband loves my new look – and my new confidence.


‘When I was overweight I hated how I’d become so top heavy but now I can wear strappy tops and dresses as my breast size has reduced so much. It’s wonderful being able to shop easily for clothes in a size 12-14.


‘Best of all, I have so much more energy and I feel much happier.’