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Laura Mitchell, I wish I'd been this slim on my wedding day!
Mum of three Laura Mitchell was always quite happy about how she looked – until she saw her wedding pictures!

But today things are very different for blushing bride Laura, who finally got to try on her dream dress in the size she intended!
2 stone 12lbs lighter!
Jenna Wilson, I can rebuild my life now
When mum of one Jenna Wilson saw a picture of herself with her little boy Leo she was horrified at her size.

‘It’s one of these pictures I didn’t know was being taken, in fact my head is chopped off, it’s just my body and it still horrifies me when I see it. I really didn’t know I was that size,’ admits Jenna.
5 stone 10lbs lighter!
Christine Sweaton, Secret Eaters on TV shocked me into losing weight!
Mum of two Christine Sweaton was sitting looking at Secret Eaters on television when it hit her – if she didn’t watch out she would be like the people on the programme.

‘Every night I sat at home and ate my way through big bags of chocolate,’ says Christine, ‘but it was only after an ectopic pregnancy in December 2013 that I realised that my weight was affecting my health too.
5 stone 3½lbs lighter!
Elaine Jamieson, Teacher Elaine is top of the class after losing over 8 stone!
Teacher Elaine Jamieson is most definitely top of the class after losing over 8 stone with Scottish Slimmers.

But 40-year-old Elaine still can’t quite believe it!

‘I don’t think I’d recognise my body if you chopped my head off! I’ve no perception of what I look like now and I think it will take a while for my head to catch up with my body, to realise that I am actually slim,’ admits Elaine from Glasgow.
8 stone 7lbs lighter!
Stephanie Innes, I lost weight for my wedding
When Stephanie Innes fell pregnant in 2009 she was a size 12.

‘I think I enjoyed my pregnancy a little too much and didn’t realise how big I became. Then when Ross was born in June 2010 I found it really hard to shift the weight,’ says Stephanie.
4 stone 1lbs lighter!
Lorraine Raybould, I wear my high heels now - my ankles wouldn't have supported my weight before!
Lorraine Raybould admits everything has changed about her - her dress sense has changed, new styles, new shops, her exercise regime has changed and so have her eating habits.

‘Looking back I was extremely lazy and I hated people who talked about gyms and exercise. ……..now I go for a run every morning before work and it’s become part of my daily routine. I think it gives me a positive attitude before the day begins.’
4 stone 7lbs lighter!
Kyrie Davies, I've ditched fast food!
Looking back single mum of one Kyrie Davies knows she ate all the wrong things – and regularly had takeways or ate out instead of doing any cooking.

‘I would eat for the sake of eating, always choosing three courses even if I didn’t really need it,’ says Kyrie who works as a part time receptionist, ‘whereas now I eat until I feel full and then I stop!

‘I realise it’s also all about portion sizes and I even enjoy cooking now. Scottish Slimmers Positive Eating Plan is so easy to follow as a busy single mum.’
4 stone lighter!
Heather Peters, My doctor says I've not only lost lbs - I've lost years!
On Boxing Day 2010 Heather Peters slipped on ice while walking her dog and broke her back in two places.

She spent 4 months in rehab and 6 months is a spinal brace and had to learn to walk again. A year later she was still using a wheelchair and walking aids.

To see her now it’s hard to believe.
7 stone 7lbs lighter!
Emma McDermott, I felt like a pudding in my party hat! The Christmas party season was looming and Emma McDermott was dreading it. Tipping the scales at almost 16 stone she didn’t know what to wear.

‘Most slimmers decide to wait till after Christmas is over,’ laughs mum of two Emma from Cowdenbeath, Fife, ‘but I decided to take the plunge and join my local Scottish Slimmers class at the beginning of November 2014!
5 stone 7lbs lighter!
Sharon Machray, A family affair
What better incentive to lose weight than your daughter’s wedding?

That was certainly Falkirk slimmer Sharon Mackray’s thoughts when she stepped on the scales at her local Scottish Slimmers class.
2 stone 4lbs lighter!
Maureen Crighton, My other half did me a favour! ‘My other half did me a favour but I didn’t think it at the time,’ laughs Maureen Crighton.

‘All my family and friends know me as a yo-yo dieter so when I was moaning about being overweight and worrying about my health my partner Harry turned round to me and said ‘You’re never going to lose it now!’
5 stone 3½lbs lighter!
Lesley Wilson, Holiday picture was the final straw!
They say the camera never lies, and that is certainly the case for mum of one Lesley Wilson from Stonehaven.

'My husband Jim and I were visiting friends in Spain. I had bought a couple of dresses for the trip but I was horrified that they were a size 20. All the friends there looked cool and slim and I felt like the biggest out of all of them. Inside I was miserable.’
4 stone 13½ lbs lighter!
Kim Forbes, Kim was a 30-year-old frumpy mummy - now she's a yummy mummy!
‘Feeling like a frump on holiday at 30 years old, I knew I needed to change my lifestyle,’ says mum of one Kim Forbes.

‘I was falling into the trap of wearing stretchy leggings and baggy tops as nothing else fitted and generally passing on social events and activities as I felt so uncomfortable. Looking back I was in total denial about my size, I had my head firmly buried in the sand!’
6 stone lighter!
Gemma Sandison, I had to buy a size 22 pair of jeans to go on holiday!
Gemma Sandison still has the pair of jeans she had to buy before a family holiday – they were a size 22 and now Gemma could fit herself into them twice!

‘I had got so heavy I couldn’t wear leggings, I just felt dreadful so I bought these jeans which I wore for the whole holiday,’ says the mum of one from Aberdeen.
6 stone 6 ½ lbs lighter!
Fiona Cregan, Pedal Power
When Fiona Cregan and her husband Mike moved to Callander in autumn 2011 it was meant to mark the beginning of a new, more active lifestyle in the Trossachs while they looked after Fiona’s elderly father.

Tragically Mike was diagnosed with terminal cancer and everything changed.
4 stone lighter!
George Fleming, I eat chips every night!
One of George Fleming’s earliest memories is his mum being on a diet and he admits he followed in her footsteps and was always on a diet too.

George was overweight, under active and very unhappy, until he joined Scottish Slimmers.
7 stone 8lbs lighter!
Carol Cunningham & Erin Mill, Together we've lost a whole person!
Dundee mother-daughter duo, Carol Cunningham and Erin Mill are a whole person lighter since joining their local Scottish Slimmers class and losing nearly 11 stone between them!
10 stone 11.5lbs lighter!
Catriona White, We can work it out!
Glamorous graduate Catriona White admits she used to feel hungry all the time.

Catriona put on weight while writing her Masters at university and felt very big in comparison to her friends.

But since joining Scottish Slimmers, Catriona finally feels her age and loves being a fit and slim size 10.
2 stone 10lbs lighter!
Ailsa Thomson, I slimmed for my wedding, but I didn't stop there
Today Ailsa Thomson is bright and bubbly - and it's hard to imagine she ever had a weight problem.

Weighing over 15 stone, Ailsa joined Scottish Slimmers to drop a few sizes for her wedding, she lost around 2 stone, but nothing was going to stop Ailsa once she got going!
5 stone, 10lbs lighter!
Shona Reid, I took charge of my life!
A combination of boredom and unhappiness in her personal life drove Aberdeenshire mother of two, Shona Reid to comfort eat.

Today Shona has transformed and it's all thanks to losing weight and taking charge of her life once and for all!
5 stone 8½lbs lighter!