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Success Stories - Page 2

Caroline Cane, My holiday pictures in Florida were the final straw!
A family holiday to Florida two years ago was the final straw for teacher Caroline Cane when it came to her weight.

‘When we got back and I looked at our family holiday pictures I was dismayed, I couldn’t believe it was me. I turned to my husband and said I look like one of these big, unhealthy, overweight Americans!’
3 stone 10lbs lighter!
Ian and Theresa Harper, We ate our way through the hard times – but not anymore!
Following a stressful illness and an engrained habit of comfort eating, Edinburgh couple Ian and Theresa Harper were hitting the scales at well over 30 stone between them.

‘We had a bad 2014 with Ian being unwell for a large part of that year and it became obvious that we are both ‘comfort eaters’ and basically we ate our way through the hard times!
7 stone lighter!
William Yuill, I can’t believe the extra weight I was carrying around!
Bricklayer Willie Yuill was struggling to carry a bag of sand on his shoulder at work the other day, it weighed 4 stones, and it made him realise that he had been carrying more than that around every day when he weighed over 22 stone!

‘It made me realise how well I’d done and gave me a huge boost,’ says Willie, who joined Scottish Slimmers in February 2015.
6 stone 1 1/2 lbs lighter!