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Success Stories - Page 3

Chris and Lisa Watson, Weight loss while you work
We have all heard of 'whistling while you work,' but weight loss while you work?

This is certainly something Aberdonian IT Analyst Chris Watson and his wife tax advisor Lisa have done to lose over 9 stone between them!
9 Stone 6lbs lighter!
Nicola Langdale, I never had time to lose weight!
Every year nursery nurse Nicola Langdale would vow that this was the year she would lose weight but every year come Christmas she was disappointed.

But this year, was Nicola's year and just look at how well she did with Scottish Slimmers behind her!
6 stone 5lbs lighter!
Pamela Moffat, The little shop window of horror!
Walking by a shop window Pamela Moffat caught a glimpse of her reflection - and was horrified!

They say the camera never lies, well neither do shop windows, and it was there and then Pamela made the decision to change her waistline and her life!

4 stone 1/2lb lighter!
Graeme Reid, Suits you Graeme
Tipping the scales at just over 23 stone the last thing on Graeme Reid's mind was clothes, in fact Graeme was hard pressed to find something that fit him comfortably!

Resigned to loose clothing and shopping in supermarkets so he could try on the clothes at home without embarrassment Graeme now says one of the best things about losing over 8 stone is being able to dress his age!
8 stone 2lbs lighter!
Marie Kilpatrick, Reach for the sky!
Marie Kilpatrick from Cumbernauld is beaming with confidence as she's recently done a sky dive for charity - throwing herself out of a plane at 10,000 feet after losing over 6 stone with Scottish Slimmers!

But it wasn't very long ago that Marie would hide away, under big, baggy shirts as she found herself unhappy and overweight.

6 stone 1lbs lighter!
Gillian Duncan and Linda Macleod, The amazing shrinking cousins!
Linda Macleod and Gillian Duncan are vivacious, vibrant - and look good whatever they put on.

That's why it is so hard to believe that these Perthshire cousins have lost a staggering 14 stone between them!

Linda was inspired when she saw her cousin Gillian shrink from a size 24 to a slinky size 12 and decided it was time for a change.

The cousins have come on leaps and bounds together with Gillian even scooping our inspirational slimmer of the year in 2014!

14 stone 2.5lbs lighter!
Lynn Wilson, I haven't changed my life, but I have changed my wardrobe!
As a self confessed shopaholic Lynn Wilson loved clothes - but tipping the scales at almost 18 stone she was forced to dress much older than her years.

Having reached her biggest, a size 20, Lynn went for classic styles that would help her cover up, but now all that has changed thanks to Scottish Slimmers.
4 stone 9lbs lighter!
Arlene Breen, Doing it for myself
Successful slimmer Arlene Breen is no stranger to slimming clubs and Eating Plans, having begun an on-off relationship with Scottish Slimmers almost 20 years ago.

Today, having lost 2 stone, Arlene finds herself on the other side of the scales inspiring her own members in Perthshire with her own motivational talks, tips and personal stories.
2 stone lighter!
Linda MacLeod, Breaking the log flume on holiday was the last straw!
Linda MacLeod from Stirling was humiliated when she broke the log flume on a family holiday and spending her family holiday in discomfort due to her size 22 frame was the last straw.

It was then and there Linda decided something had to be done about her increasing weight and joined Scottish Slimmers as soon as she came home.
5 stone 6½lbs lighter!
Lisa Hastie, When I was 29 I had a stroke
At the age of 29 Lisa Hastie's life was turned upside down when she suffered a stoke.

With her health forced into perspective, Lisa knew something had to change and began her journey to health and happiness with Scottish Slimmers.
4 stone 12lbs lighter!
Michelle Walker, I've lost a whole person! When Michelle Walker fell through a chair on a family holiday she was utterly humiliated

Little did Michelle know at the time, but it was just the spur she needed to join Scottish Slimmers and change her life forever by losing more than 10 stone!
10 stone 4½ lbs lighter!
Lesley Ker, I lost weight so I could throw myself out of a plane!
Lesley Ker had always dreamed of jumping out of a plane but weighing over 18 stone dashed her dreams as safety requirements deemed she was too heavy to attempt the feat.

Lesley was not going to let her weight stand in the way of her dreams and took action by joining Scottish Slimmers and taking the plan all the way to Australia!
7 stone 4lbs lighter!
Hunter Rice, Meet our Male Slimmer of the Year, who has lost more than half of his body weight
Hunter's smile is unrecognisable from the shy grin he used to hide behind since losing more than half of his body weight and being named our Male Slimmer of the Year 2014.

Having lost over 14 stone with Scottish Slimmers, Hunter is free to enjoy his life as a bright young man and now enjoys looking after himself.

Hunter has undergone a complete transformation, inside and out and says, 'Life as a target member is immeasurably different to life before,'
14 stone 10½lbs lighter!
Lindsay Moore, Yummy Mummy named Slimmer of the Year 2014 after shedding over 10stone
Now Lindsay Moore's little boy can give his mummy a real hug after she shed 10stone for her health and being named Scottish Slimmers Slimmer of the Year 2014!
10 stone 1lb lighter!
Marion MacRae, Confident, courageous and in control!
Facing bringing up her children alone and having lost both her parents, Marion MacRae’s self-esteem was at an all-time low. Determined to be a healthier, happier mum, Marion found the courage to join Scottish Slimmers and is now a girls football coach – and our Inspiration winner!
4 stone 3lbs lighter!
Jenny Ryrie, Miss Inspiration!
Having missed out on so much of life, Jenny Ryrie eventually decided to join Scottish Slimmers after sweating her way through her sister’s exotic wedding in a specially-made size 28 bridesmaid’s dress. After enjoying her own dream wedding seven stone lighter, a slimmer, healthier Jenny is an inspiration to her students.
7 stone 3½lbs lighter!