About Us

You want to lose weight and adopt a healthier way of life? You’re in the right place!

At Scottish Slimmers, we give you all the support you need to take small steps and make simple changes for a healthier, happier life.

Everyday Scottish Slimmers’ members achieve amazing things. Whether that’s overcoming personal challenges, losing weight, developing healthy habits, achieving success or gaining confidence.  We love hearing your stories… to celebrate your success and to motivate others to achieve their own goals.

Who we are

Scottish Slimmers is an online membership network – with one-to-one support when you need it – that promotes healthy weight management, nutritional information, advice and support to develop healthy, long-lasting habits for everyone!
Founded in Scotland in 1980, Scottish Slimmers’ decades of knowledge and experience in healthy eating and wellbeing make losing weight and living well simple, straightforward and stress-free.

Every day Scottish Slimmers works to inspire people of all ages and genders to make their lives better, to believe in themselves and to achieve their goals. And it’s catching! When one person makes healthy choices, they motivate friends, colleagues and family to make long-lasting changes too.

What we do

And you don’t have to take our word for it… a study published in the British Medical Journal found that people checking in regularly lose more weight – and keep it off.

At Scottish Slimmers, our purpose is to inspire you to be the best YOU can be, with the power to make your life better.  Scottish Slimmers’ services are designed around our members, and we pride ourselves in providing the latest information about health, nutrition and well-being to achieve your Target Weight and health goals.

Scottish Slimmers exists to help people achieve their goals so, on our blog, you will discover what’s new in the well-being, health, and nutrition world – including healthy recipes, nutritional tips and wellbeing guidance –  to help you on your way to becoming the best you can be.