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Pinned  Jump into June

Jun 04 2018 02:40 PM | Extra Support in Feel Good

This month at Scottish Slimmers we are jumping in with both feet. We are jumping in to a new season, jumping in to a new, more positive outlook and jumping in to our fitter, healthier selves.

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Tips to get your kids eating healthy

Aug 20 2018 09:50 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

Do you struggle to get your kids to eat vegetables? Do they always choose sweets and crisps over nutritious snacks? Everyone knows it is a struggle and that is why here at Scottish Slimmers you can learn some top tips for getting your kids to eat healthy.

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Eating for your best health

Aug 20 2018 11:56 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

A healthy body inside and out helps to ward off illness and keep you healthy throughout the year. 
All across the world, we see a rise in chronic diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes and more. Our immediate go to solution is prescription after prescription resulting in us spending our time trying to remember to take our morning, afternoon and evening pills. However, the growth of the pharmaceutical industry is leaving us even more sick and developing more diseases.
How does this make sense and what can we do to change it?
Have we thought that healthier eating would result in less disease, less hospital administrations and a healthy society?
'Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food' attributed to the Hippocrates, Father of medicine. 

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Natural VS Artificial Sugars

Aug 13 2018 06:48 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

What is sugar?
Sugars are simple carbohydrates that the body breaks down to produce energy. The digested form is glucose which travels to the bloodstream and is taken up by the cells. 
Sugar comes in the form of natural, from fruit, honey coconut syrup and dates whereas artificial sugar is found in sugary drinks, sweets and cakes.
Here we will uncover the truth behind what happens when you consume natural sugar vs artificial sugar. 

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60 Minute Makeover-Look slimmer instantly

Aug 20 2018 07:25 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

Slimming down can be so easy to put on hold especially if you're having a particularly busy time at work, personally or perhaps you just have a lot of parties to go to! 
"I'll start again tomorrow" is a common phrase... but do you ever start?

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Take good care of yourself!

Aug 13 2018 07:15 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

Losing weight, eating well and keeping fit can be life changing and can boost your all round health....
Going up a dress size every 10 years makes you one third more likely to develop breast cancer, according to findings from Cancer Research UK. 
Here we will delve into 10 great reasons to get lean!

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The golden rules of dining out!

Aug 16 2018 07:48 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

With 1 in 5 people in the UK eating out each week, dining out is a way of life these days. However, to deliver food high in taste, giving you value for money, many restaurants use high calorie, fat laden products in their recipes. These high fat ingredients can be a main factor in the train to sabotaging your weight journey. 

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Fight the Fad

Aug 09 2018 07:27 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

Have you ever fallen prey to a fad diet? A diet that promises you the body you have always wanted within a matter of weeks, days or even hours? If you have, then you're in good company as more than half of the nation has admitted to dabbling with various diets to no avail! 

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Tools to stop emotional eating

Aug 06 2018 07:52 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

Is your goal to lose weight? Do you feel that even with your best efforts you struggle to get the pounds off? Do you mindlessly eat when you are stressed or tired? We might just have the solution to your problems...
Emotional eating is the act of eating to supress or soften negative emotions such as fear, anger, stress, boredom and loneliness. Negative emotions can be triggered by the hassle of daily life or bigger life traumas such as financial issues, relationship problems or health worries.  
People react differently to negative emotions such as overeating or undereating however many people in this situation is overeating so learning how to prevent or control emotional eating is beneficial. Overeating has a numbing, softening effect on unwanted feelings, and averts our attention away from them.

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Think Yourself Slim

Aug 02 2018 11:10 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

Mindful Eating: The final piece in the jigsaw puzzle?
Why is it that although you want to be slimmer and healthier, you sometimes eat when you're not hungry and all the wrong things?
Let mindful slimming founder, Lesley Jefferson tell you a bit about weight loss, food and how you can change the way you think.
Mindful slimming- Easier than you might think!

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