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Feel Good

Pinned  Feel Good For Summer

Apr 23 2018 10:37 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

This month at Scottish Slimmers we are ready for summer and we are all about feeling good. Feeling good about ourselves, feeling good about life and feeling good about our journeys to becoming the best we can be!

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Sleep more, lose more

May 02 2018 11:32 AM | Extra Support in Feel Good

At Scottish Slimmers, we understand the importance of sleep in living a fit and healthy life. Did you know that sleep can hold surprising benefits for your weight loss goals?

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Be Salt Savvy

Apr 23 2018 10:41 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

Being salt savvy can be easier at home where you can omit it from dishes you are cooking and making sure you make low sodium choices... but what about when you’re out and about? Check out our guide to dining out and lowering your daily intake.

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10 Reasons To Get On Your Bike

Apr 23 2018 10:55 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

With the warmer weather on the approach, here at Scottish Slimmers we have been turning our attention to outdoor activities we can take part in to help us look and feel good in time for summer. Here are 10 reasons we think you should get on your bike this month!

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Your Best BBQ Ever

Apr 23 2018 11:14 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

In celebration of National BBQ week, here at Scottish Slimmers we are sharing our top tips on tasty, healthy alfresco dining just in time for summer. Make the most of the good weather and plan a healthy BBQ with these top tips.

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Make The Most Of Your Evenings

Apr 02 2018 03:02 PM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

Studies show that the time between dinner and going to bed is the time of day when cravings hit the hardest. Make the most of your evenings with Scottish Slimmers' top tips and tricks.

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Benefits Of Meditation

Apr 03 2018 04:06 PM | Extra Support in Feel Good

April is Stress Awareness Month, something we have all had experience with! There are many ways we can alleviate stress, one being meditation read on to find out more about what benefits meditation can do for you.

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10 Simple Self Care Tips

Apr 02 2018 03:44 PM | Extra Support in Feel Good

It may sound simple but sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Read our top 10 simple self care tips to help give you the energy to live your best life.

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Eat Pretty

Apr 18 2018 11:06 AM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

From coconut as your hair hero to skin saving salads, Scottish Slimmers are here to share the latest and greatest beauty benefits of your favourite fruits and Check-friendly basket bargains.

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Beat The Slimming Rut

Apr 13 2018 01:49 PM | scottishslimmersteam in Feel Good

If you have been acing your Scottish Slimmers eating plan, doing regular exercise and showing up to class week-on-week without fail, you should be feeling fantastic. But if you've hit a slimming rut, Scottish Slimmers is here to help.

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